"3: am Story" obsidian bracelet Obsidian Brass Bracelet

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"3: am Story" obsidian bracelet Obsidian Brass Bracelet


▼ Material: Obsidian, copper, electroplating alloy. ▼ Product production length: Bracelet measurement method: it is recommended to take the tape, or paper, line, around the wrist directly measure the circumference. Suggested length: bracelet larger than the hand 102cm, bracelet larger than the hand around 1.5cm. ▼ Product packaging: packaging styles from time to time changes, please refer to the new shelves merchandise page or to the designer. ▼ use and maintenance methods: Natural stone: exposure to chemical substances can damage the appearance of natural stone, please avoid wearing a bath. Jewelry in the day after wearing, or sticky dust and damage the beautiful, you can use water to wipe. Metal: metal contact with water or chemical substances will oxidize the fade, please avoid touching water or wearing a bath. Jewelry in the wear, stored in no bag or fresh bags can extend the life of jewelry. Jewelry, such as because of a long time to wear and oxidation, you can use the corresponding rubbish or copper oil wipe, the designer can query. If the future need to keep samples, maintenance, can contact us directly, we are very responsible for after-sales service. ▼ Goods Shipping: Hong Kong Delivery time: 3: am By default, the Hongkong Post is easy to deliver (local) service for about 1-2 days. Hong Kong Post is easy to deliver (local delivery) for about 1-2 days. Non-Hong Kong Delivery time: 3: am The default use of the Hongkong Post Easy Delivery (International Registration) service, about 10 to 14 working days after delivery, and the time required for different areas. Please contact us as soon as possible. ▼ About the product itself: Hand-made: the goods will be produced by the shape of the material, the size of a slight adjustment of the arrangement and production, finished product size or may be ± 0.5 cm, or there may be hand traces (such as the existence of welding traces, does not affect the case of wearing) , Or the existence of imperfect beauty, I hope you continue to support hand-made. Natural stone: every natural stone is unique, the designer will be due to the beautiful stone and cutting stone, so the size and shape of the stone there are slightly different possibilities. And each stone color depth and texture are different, or there are cracks, containing impurities and other defects, failed to 100% consistent with the product picture, if not accepted please do not order or first to our inquiry. Color: all the pictures in the picture for the physical shooting, but because of shooting light and computer screen resolution and other factors exist in the case of color. ▼ to return goods Commodities are your order after the purchase of materials from the beginning of hand-made, after the sale of defects in addition to not provide return policy. For merchandise that meets the conditions of return, please contact us within 7 days of receipt of the goods and provide proof of the photo that you will be listed for more than 7 days. We will provide a returned product number and guidelines, please return the undeclared returned goods according to the procedure, accompanied by the original packaging, and make sure that the goods have been properly packed so as not to be damaged during delivery. Upon receipt of the returned goods, we will check your goods, if the goods are not damaged and meet the returned requirements, we will replace the goods for you, to be confirmed after the completion of the goods will be returned again, returned goods by the buyer Be responsible for. Returns are processed for about one to two weeks. If you want to replace the value of the goods higher than the goods you purchase, we will charge you the difference between the goods. If the goods are returned due to incomplete information or personal reasons, the freight will be returned by the buyer. Origin / manufacturing method Origin of Hong Kong handmade


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