RuckSack Locke package -Neon

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RuckSack Locke package -Neon


/ Size / RuckSack Locke backpack 40 * 35cm / Material / Japan's imports of cotton / Operate and maintain / Hand wash / Designers and brand profile / Hand backpack brand. From fabric selection to sewing, stick the whole hand. Compared to mass-produced by the factory OEM backpack, we prefer to craft backpack presents elegant and delicate. We use 100% Japanese cotton cloth, not on any PVC plastics and other chemicals, because we just want everybody to touch the real feel of natural cotton. Want to convey by various fabric of art, nature and love of different cultures, so that everyone can enjoy the diverse beauty of the world. First, environmental protection All fabrics are all over Japan yard cloth garment industry, do not want to waste any point on the earth's resources, and therefore all products are mostly only 1 to 2, but also created the character of the Only One. Second, embrace multiculturalism Each person's growth environment is different, and thus created a different personality. Everyone is so unique for a while, we should not arbitrarily determining a person's good or bad. Also true colors, variety of different colors like everyone's personality. We are not very popular because of a suit to copy a large number of products that do not follow the crowd. Because we are willing to accept different cultures and attitudes, embrace diversity, which also created Hamblepie Taiwan diversity. About < > Taiwan is a country full of multicultural, free and open environment, enrich our lives. Looking for exotic hand-made products and health, we hope that through the introduction of cultural and creative goods in different countries to make more friends in Taiwan to appreciate the art of multi-oriented. Understanding After adhere to the principles and production, Officially authorized and established distribution Fans of Taiwan business sales, this high-quality handmade backpack to share with friends in Taiwan. Origin / manufacturing methods Thailand / manual Origin / manufacturing methods Thailand / Handmade


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