Taiwan handmade glasses [MB F] series of exclusive patented touch aesthetic aesthetic action art

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Taiwan handmade glasses [MB F] series of exclusive patented touch aesthetic aesthetic action art


[Dedicated to you are fighting hard, u] We firmly believe that people can see the heart, Do not ask the speed of the machine, just feel the temperature, Do not make the public's small brand, only a small minority brand. https://static.flyingv.asia/static/800x/projects/16273/article/59fc38050208a.jpg Feel the aesthetics of action art The beauty of hand-made products The perfect gift for you We firmly believe that people can see our dedication, We do not aim at fast industrial production but at the warmth of hand-made products. We do not make a small brand for a big public, but rather a big brand for a small public. Each of the world Mr. Banboo Taiwan handmade glasses only one. Mr. Banboo glasses are hand-made in Taiwan and there is only pair, for each type, in the world. https://static.flyingv.asia/static/800x/projects/16273/article/59fc385fbcca0.jpg https://static.flyingv.asia/static/800x/projects/16273/article/59fc4ed35e5fd.jpg The world's only exclusive patent Retain the most primitive bamboo green, bamboo cortex, so that the flexibility of its bamboo play to the maximum patented hand saw groove can be adjusted by baking bake, in line with the degree of face engineering tightness. [World's Exclusive Patent] We use original bamboo and its cortex, so that its flexibility can be maximized. The indentation is carried out with a hand saw at high temperatures which allow the final object to adjust itself to the elasticity of the face. https://static.flyingv.asia/static/800x/projects/16273/article/59fc95eb714e4.jpg https://static.flyingv.asia/static/800x/projects/16273/article/59fc955a1c8e9.jpg The beginning of the story: Goal 1: Handmade production volume Mr. Banboo_ old window _ series. Goal 2: To Taiwan's hand-held glasses to international, not to foreign handmade eyewear brand-specific front. Vision 1: Let more people wear our common stories and memories, inspire the hearts of three centimeters of philosophy. Vision 2: If more bamboo farmers can be employed twice, I think this will be what we want to do. https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1454/24628897622_7d868b3502_c.jpg Can not Taiwan do? [Height] I am a Taiwanese boy who drinks water from Taiwan. People often ask why they are making handmade bamboo glasses. My answer is always a little sad: in Taiwan, hand-made glasses that consumers recognize are always there Japan, Germany, the United States well-known brands, can not Taiwan do? I do not believe I decided to arouse the touching touch of bamboo and wood temperature in Taiwan by sticking to my character and persisting in Taiwan's native bamboo and wood and technology to tell the world our story. I always answered them with a slight sorrow, "In Taiwan, the manual glasses that customers know are mostly brands from Japan, Germany and USA etc., why can 't Taiwan people do it? " https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1443/24119236264_9f5f1bfab1_c.jpg Why choose bamboo glasses? [Because of the three centimeter philosophy] Many people do not know that bamboo grows very fast, but it may grow to less than three centimeters in the first three or four years because it is taking root. The roots of bamboo can extend to around two or three meters. By the fourth year , Bamboo will sprint at a speed of one meter a day. It will take about ten days to grow to more than ten meters in height. The front is rooted in the same way that human beings do things. The most basic root does not Bar to the most stable, all walks of life can not do it, So [you can not pass these three centimeters is the key]. Why choose bamboo to make glasses? Because of the philosophy of 3 cm Many people do not know that bamboo grows fast, but it may grow less than 3 cm in length in the first three or four years, because it needs rooting at first. The root can be spread to surrounding environment for two or three meters. In and after the fourth year, the bamboo will grow quickly at the speed of one meter each day. In only about 10 days, it grows to more than ten meters high. 3 cm in length. https://static.flyingv.asia/static/800x/projects/16273/article/59fc38d091c1e.jpg Original brand name: Mr.Banboo & Mr.Bamboo Although the pronunciation of the two is very similar, but the meaning for us is very different. The difference between n and m lies in the door of success or the dilemma of diversion. I only need to focus on success without distinction Heart, because only one road to success is called sticking. Brand name's original intention: Mr.Banboo & Mr.Bamboo The two names have a similar pronunciation, but we think they have a different meaning. The choice between n and m is like a choice between success and failure or when you are at a crossroads and have to make a choice. N is like the symbol of never giving up and of perseverance, because it is only through perseverance that one can reach success. https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1711/24657397171_9749fb61d4_c.jpg [Shadow Scale Series] Dream Escape https://static.flyingv.asia/static/800x/projects/16273/article/59feb1de2b0b8.jpg https://static.flyingv.asia/static/800x/projects/16273/article/59feb26fc2a72.jpg https://static.flyingv.asia/static/800x/projects/16273/article/59feb2959989d.jpg Design Origin: 【home】 temperature and memory Most of the windows in the old memories of the old house were designed with hand-made window grilles. In addition to anti-theft, they were beautiful and the taste of the family was also seen. However, because of the changes in the times and architectural designs, these old windows were spent on new The window of the house has not been seen, I want to put some of these old feelings of temperature can be integrated into the memories of this one [old window handmade glasses Taiwan]. Design: the temperature and memory of the home When I was young, the windows of old houses have have manual designed window grille, which has disappeared in the window of new houses with the transformation of architectural design as time goes by. I want to engrave these warm and emotional old memories in the old window grille Taiwan manual glasses. https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1470/24453277540_3390c92f42_c.jpg Rush over three centimeters home album https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c1RVHr2JDgg&t=7s&index=1&list=PLX6Kf3KMoMa_J58pJLqt0Wkj0fpHBBmZM Meet the face of engineering design: In addition to wear glasses to look good, but also very comfortable to wear, Like a part of the body, more to highlight their own uniqueness. Design in line with facial characteristics: Glasses have to look good but also feel comfortable They have to become a part of our body, and this will emphasize their uniqueness. https://static.flyingv.asia/static/800x/projects/16273/article/59fc392a1bc4a.jpg https://static.flyingv.asia/static/800x/projects/16273/article/59fc4c6f0aef8.jpg Madou grapefruit tree new life: {Chu grapefruit} I have always wanted more Taiwanese materials to be of greater value. So I came to Tainan Mudou [5012 pomelo meaning]. I cut the unwanted branches of grapefruit trees or fruit growers and used them to create new art. Make the world 【unique works】. https://static.flyingv.asia/static/800x/projects/16273/article/59fc4cb5bff54.jpg https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1718/24124039393_6e7a367913_c.jpg https://static.flyingv.asia/static/800x/projects/16273/article/59fc4d6d2614c.jpg https://static.flyingv.asia/static/800x/projects/16273/article/5a0c5180aaed3.jpg https://static.flyingv.asia/static/800x/projects/16273/article/59fc3d0a0e9ae.jpg [Exclusive patent] World's Exclusive Patent https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1682/24454365940_927f2f6033_c.jpg https://static.flyingv.asia/static/800x/projects/16273/article/59fc3b5821216.jpg [Dreams can be far further adhere to the end. 】 Many people will be handmade, but showing the temperature and thinking touch, but not everyone can hold on, my heart has always had a desire, because of this hope that more people have a job, especially those who live in the mountains, because the mountain There are really few employment opportunities. If Taiwan can really push handmade glasses to the world, it will indeed enable more people to have employment opportunities. Taiwan's Chushan Mountain is drawn from the world and is willing to create a green gold miracle for Taiwanese bamboo. 【Perseverance is the key to the realization of your dreams】 https://static.flyingv.asia/static/800x/projects/16273/article/59fc4e291d399.jpg https://static.flyingv.asia/static/800x/projects/16273/article/59fc3979ea9e8.jpg https://static.flyingv.asia/static/800x/projects/16273/article/59fc3d51bad01.jpg Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan Zhushan hand-made


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