A well two-color multi-meat plant cactus cement hand potting plant containing plants / Yulin treasure

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A well two-color multi-meat plant cactus cement hand potting plant containing plants / Yulin treasure


**[Product concept and description]** A well series of cement hand potted plants to the type of design for the combination of plant design, simple and simple, compact and simple, the permeability of cement material to allow plants and meat to bring a better growth environment, solid color with the Nordic and industrial wind Atmosphere. Through the hand-made mold, irrigation mold, grinding and defoaming method, the designer adhere to each finished surface must be carefully polished, each finished are unique, like the natural texture of cement and attention to the taste of life you will love The **[Please note before buying]** ● JUNE GARDEN products are handmade, each piece of cement works are unique natural appearance, there are natural holes, small wear marks and the edge of the uneven is a normal phenomenon, the depth and texture will be due to climate and other external factors are slightly different, Perfectionist, please consider before buying. ● Each plant is carefully selected by the designer, and then with the appropriate cement basin for the photo, the photo is the real shooting, because each plant has a different attitude, each potted plants are unique. ● With the changes in time and season, more meat will show a different appearance, such as want to see the plant near photos can contact us. ● This product does not need DIY, meat plants are transplanted after planting for more than a week to ensure that the plant to adapt to the new container after the sale, please peace of mind to buy. ● If there is a demand for the specified species, we can discuss with you. ● This product contains plants, sent to the house with the super-pick up the main, subscripted within 3 days after the delivery. Can not send outside of Taiwan. ● packaging parts have been anti-collision test, such as the transport process unfortunately damaged or pan, please inform the first time, we will help as soon as possible. **[Meat care precautions]** ● Please plant in the outdoor or window bright and ventilated place, about one to two weeks watering (depending on the species, summer or winter dormancy need to reduce the watering) ● When the soil is completely dry and water, pour it into the bottom hole. ● more meat for the sun like outdoor plants, if the planting of natural light is weak, it is recommended to move outdoors to do sunbathing, so many meat will be healthy and fat. **※ Yulin treasure for Euphorbiaceae meat, summer for the growth period, to be full sunshine or half sunshine, watering a month 3 to 4 times, if the branches too much, can be timely broken, so that the main stem longer, Will flow out of white juice, if accidentally touched to remember to wash your hands Oh, Yulin Bao easy to take care for more meat novice** **[+80 yuan upgrade exclusive design base]** Exclusive base style please refer to: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/bi23D26e?category=5 Add price redemption area: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/8iZ8ux8b?category=5 **[Origin / manufacturing method]** Taiwan / handmade


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