La Don - Earrings - Rendering - Blue Sapphire 01 Ear / Ear clip

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Copper beads stainless steel ear acupuncture, gem resin is about 2.2X1CM, Figure three is the back, hand-made process wi



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La Don - Earrings - Rendering - Blue Sapphire 01 Ear / Ear clip


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Screen pixel resolution and other factors have different color. ★ ★ ★

▲▲ Material / material ▲▲

Copper beads stainless steel ear needle, a long gem resin about 2.2X1CM, Figure three is the back,
Handmade process will inevitably have a little bubble, micro-impurities, plastic marks, do not mind another order
Every time the production of the lines are not the same!

This section can be changed ear, please select to size

★ ★ ★ need gifts, please inform the order notes, we will help you use the box packaging,
If you do not tell, all the basic package shipping. ★ ★ ★

▲▲ use and maintenance methods ▲▲

﹝ resin ﹞
Please do not touch hot water, bath or hot springs please remove the jewelry, do not wear gently rubbed,
Put it in a bag or in a box

﹝ brass electroless ﹞
Brass will be black is normal Oh! Water, sweat, rain, etc. will speed up dark, usually can be
Gently wipe with a wipe cloth, if you feel the color dim, available lemon juice or toothpaste, tooth powder clear
Wash, wash with water and then gently dry with a dry cloth.

﹝ copper-plated ﹞
Please keep it dry! Do not clean, usually wipe gently wipe the cloth, wipe after please put
Into the bag or box storage. Plating jewelry color protection has been done, but how much or will fade
, Do not touch the water, alcohol, perfume and the like corrosive liquids, sweating can lead to fade Oh!

﹝stainless steel﹞
Can be cleaned with water, but please try to keep dry! Usually available wipe cloth gently wipe, rub
After swabbing, please put it in the bag or in the box.

No matter what material, do not recommend touch water, sweat, perfume, bathing, bathing spa, etc.,
Do not wear when gently wipe, into the bag or box storage, proper wear, use and security
Save, you can extend the jewelry life!

▲ ▲ number of days to make ▲▲

The number of days for each product is different, depending on the number of days the page is made, weekends and countries
Set the holiday designer to rest, just reply to the message.

▲▲ About shipping ▲▲

Taiwan area:
Chunghwa Post →
After the payment is made, send the number of days about 1 to 2 days, depending on the local post office to send the situation may be,
In case of holiday is postponed, the Pinkoi system shipped after delivery of goods, please go to
The order inquiry mail progress.

7-11 Pickup / Pickup Payment →
Two days after the goods are sent to supermarkets, for example, send the day after tomorrow, after the arrival of goods supermarkets,
7-11 will send notification of stock notification (not the designer!) Please receive 7-11 days after the receipt of the message to 7-11 pick up.

The whole family pick up →
After the payment is completed, the goods arrive after 2 days to supermarkets, for example, send the day after tomorrow,
After the goods reach the super business, the whole family will send goods notification newsletters (not the designer!)
After receiving the newsletter, please pick up the whole family within 7 days.

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