"Word" magazine No. 24 ─ ─ stranger

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"Word" magazine No. 24 ─ ─ stranger


Bimonthly, "boiled fish culture" published, published every single month, in business, triple, world, China, Kubrick, Page One, Eslite, Musical, Preamble, Yulin, Pastoral and other available. Partial stock is limited and is on sale. Stranger is the classic theme of modernism. From the countryside to the city, there is a great deal of fresh things to show, daily contact with strangers, discomfort and freshness, which has led to countless writers writing excellent works. Han Lizhu unfamiliar with the deformation, write a strange depth; Lin Yu 瑄 write midnight strangers strangers in the same sense of strangers; Huang Maolin to the tree, are in a distance of communication, strange The other is the other of "I"; Jian Wu treats himself as a stranger to other people for narration and comment, and feels that his dissent can in fact not change the world; Chen Jinghui handles "stranger" in a public way Theme, but one of the most direct addresses of love. Deng Xiaoli talked about the flow and possibility and drastically cited the poem written by a number of people in the river and the stranger's poem, treating "strangers" as a positive concept. *** Word spend cut in the end It has not been full-time editors for the fifth year, but we've been trying to routineize, generalize, broaden the network of magazines and establish ourselves for ourselves. From time to time, we ask what we should Doing More, Doing More Want to Further Publish a Monthly and Prepare Everything That Can Be Quantified When Meeting with the ADC. However, it is deeply rooted in the word "flower" that subsidies involving public funds, especially those related to social rearing, should definitely not be a question of money. The arts community should, from a public perspective, understand how its subsidies are inadequate and the environment it faces. Where the subsidies are not considered in advance, the ARB should look at the perfection of the approval system of the ADC and strive to improve its assessment process. Therefore, we write open letters, fight for affiliation, submit specific comments to the ADC, and press and communicate with each other in a meeting. And all criticism, striving and paving the way for the future at the same time gives young people who are engaged in culture and art in the future a reference - think so, and proceed with improving their situation and the situation of their community. Therefore, we temporarily replaced the original theme with the topic of "Spending Flowers and Cutting Capital Gains". All the information, including open letters, suggestions, media reports and event developments, was recorded here. We will not redress the grudges but will only record the history For peer and later reference. *** Other exciting content: Hong Kong Vegetable Garden x Taiwan Xiang Sik Siao Planting words. Lost property claim Solution of the road / Chen Zhide Porter and us / Chen Jianhua. Lee Oufan. Huang Curan. Li Zhiliang Origin / manufacturing methods Hong Kong


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