◂READ Tea Germany original organic tea ▸ Prince of the planet | functional flower tea | 100% organic

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◂READ Tea Germany original organic tea ▸ Prince of the planet | functional flower tea | 100% organic


◂READ Tea Germany original organic tea ▸
Have a number of international organic certification, including USDA certification, organic certification of the Jewish,
EU organic certification, community fair trade certification.
We and Germany's largest tea factory research and development cooperation, raw materials are from the community fair trade alliance member countries.
Cultivating more than ten years of pure and pollution-free land all over the world, we insist on planting the flowers and fruits with the highest international organic standards and making the organic tea with the unique low-temperature baking method in the world.

◂READ Tea Germany original organic tea ▸
To enjoy the tea you have never felt, not just the sweetness of the flowers, but more of the purest natural temptation of the earth.

◂ little prince's planet flower nectar ▸
Soak up a glass in the afternoon, and fatigue and stress all day instantly disappear.

Ingredients: blueberries, rose hips, apples, lost car chrysanthemums, berry leaves, Roselle flowers.

Little Prince's planet has a red rose-like clear color, and the fresh taste of blueberries, coupled with the elegant aroma of car-free scent, drink the entrance, as if the prince's wisdom and purity in the hearts of Yang Kai, body and soul are instantly elevated. Blueberries are rich in anthocyanins; cornflowers contain high tannins and flavonoids. With "vitamin treasure store," said rosehip, can beauty beauty, rejuvenate. [Pregnant women should not]

We have 9 International certification.
100% Organic
100% Original
100% Environmental protection

PlanetThe planet of little prince▸ Blueberry Roselle Apple Tea

A cup of tea in the afternoon, make you relief and free.

It is red rose-like color, blueberry flavor with the aroma of trees chrysanthemum.
Blueberry are rich in anthocyanin; trees chrysanthemum contains high tannins and flavonoids. "Vitamin treasure" called rosehip, make you skincare and rejuvenate.
Ingredients: Blueberry, Rosehip, Apple, Trees Chrysanthemum, Berry leaves, Roselle
[Pregnant women are not suitable.]





◂READ Tea Organic Certification ▸
READ Tea German original organic tea, with internationally renowned 9 organic certification:

⋄ US USDA certification
USDA stipulates that the product must contain 100% organic ingredients to indicate the USDA round organic label and its ingredient ratio.
And the ban on the use of pesticides, fertilizers, growth hormones, chemical pesticides, chemical herbicides in the planting, processing of crops or livestock. In addition to the crops, farms and production plants are also required to comply with NOP's manufacturing processes and environmental requirements. There are strict rules regarding the soil, planting process, feeding process, percentage of ingredients, etc. Validated products are valid for one year, The production process prohibits doping synthetic substitutes, genetically modified objects, radiation exposure.



⋄ KOSHER Jewish certification
Kosher food certification Based on the above Jewish regulations, coupled with strict food process specifications, raw materials and environmental clean requirements and rigorous review process to ensure that food production process does not commit Judaism "unclean" taboo by the Jewish community worldwide trust.


⋄ FSSC International Food Safety Certification
FSSC 22000 is a global, auditable standard for food safety management systems. The FSSC 22000 provides food companies with a set of globally recognized standards that demonstrate that they have established a comprehensive management system that fully meets customer and industry regulations for food Security requirements.


⋄ Other certification:
Community fair trade certification, the International Federation of Ethical Tea certification, the Swiss organic agriculture certification, special tea certification, Germany Ouk certification, Rainforest Alliance certification.


◂READ Tea Professional Team ▸



This is the READ Tea Germany's original team of organic tea,
From warehousing to perfumer to each supervisor, are subject to professional training,
About RT organic tea preservation of the humidity temperature,
Delicate aroma when tasted, after drinking machine and so on,
Every detail, there is such a group of people to concentrate on intentions.
"Every petal, every fruit, every tea is the gift of the earth."
An employee at RT's German factory said with a warm smile,
Coexistence with the earth to share, grateful earth and repay the earth,
Not only the brand spirit of READ Tea,
READ Tea is the belief of every employee,
Attentive temperature to make tea, is the most fragrant,
READ Tea German original organic tea, dedicated to every intention of you.


◂READ Tea enjoy ▸

ADREAD Tea heartfelt ▸
Shelf life: 12 months after opening
Storage: <20 degrees dark storage
Tea box Contents: 20 bags of organic cotton bags tea bags, 5g per pack
Origin / manufacturing methods


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