Heart calm [spiritual] small hand-heart-shaped Tianhe Stone. White Onyx. Blue stone / nahcolite. 925 sterling silver female single ring bracelet gifts

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Heart calm [spiritual] small hand-heart-shaped Tianhe Stone. White Onyx. Blue stone / nahcolite. 925 sterling silver female single ring bracelet gifts


✡ 【spiritual ∞ small handmade ∞ creative ideas ✡ "By hand-cultivating your heart, you will be able to present your precious treasure of the Earth in a concrete manner, creating in good faith, bringing out faith, sharing natural beauty and healing one's mind and body." Spiritual Symbol - Wisdom, confidence, courage, luck 【Healing effect】 - Help remove negative thoughts, resolve depressive, fearful and mournful emotions, relieve stress, defend negative energy, improve concentration, help them to make up their minds and achieve their goals </s> Material Material: ✧ heart-shaped color Tianhe Stone. White Onyx. Blue stone / soda stone. 925 sterling silver. Natural stone crystal ✔ (*Please provide the size you need when ordering)* ❇ single ring bracelet ♛ Japan imported elastic line 店 Before the delivery of the work, the owner will personalize the ceremony for the work and decontamination. 【- Tianhe Stone -】 Tianhe Stone, also known as "Amazon stone", helps to get rid of negative energy, Hesitant to all things helps him to set his mind and reach his goal. Is confidence, courage, and lucky gem. 【- Blue Stone / Sodalite Sodalite-】 Deep blue represents deep energy, can guide people into deep thinking, to help develop great wisdom, very suitable for practice purposes. Can help eliminate the confusion of fear and emotions, can enhance the concentration, the most suitable students and creative people to wear. It is helpful for headaches, high blood pressure and respiratory tract diseases. [- Agate Agate Copco-] White shade corresponds to the top wheel. For migraine, addiction and mental problems, have a good effect. Can help remove negative thoughts, solve depressed, fear and hysteria, sad mood. Help people abandon the material things unrelated to spirituality, remove unnecessary negative memory in mind. 【- Designer Body and Spiritual Qualifications -】 - SRT spiritual treatment I NGH American Hypnotherapist - personal system arranger division Reiki Reiki Natural Therapy I - DNA Activation Therapist ✯ Spirit custom service Custom-made Service OUR accept personal customization services, If you have custom needs to contact the designer, After the communication by the business side, the designer will carefully create your own jewelry for you. ✯ free packaging Packing: • Storage box or box. • Natural material storage box • Natural linen bag • Germany produces rubbed silver cloth ✯ handmade Handmade Each product has its own temperament, there is no absolute perfect, but unique, hope every treasure and treat the natural feed. ✯ Cleansing Each mineral spar has different characteristics, while the jewelry contains metal components, they should not be used for water purification, and some are not suitable for sun and sun drying, the owner will advise guests in the most simple way, such as the purchase: white crystal gravel / white Crystal family can be purified. ✯ Jewelry Maintenance Anything with a gold, silver or copper composition can easily cause oxidation due to exposure to air, water, body salt and chemicals. Should try to keep the jewelry dry, avoid bathing and swimming, usually do not wear when placed in a pouch or box. If inadvertent staining or oxidation, use a silver cleaning cloth to wipe the surface until smooth. ✯ Crystal Ore Description Mineral and crystal description / info There are thousands of variations on natural creations, each of which has an occasional patchwork of mottle lines and a lack of icy cracks, which means that it has not been deliberately modified to exert its true features. ✯ Measure hand circumference / neck size Wrist Size First prepare a rope or soft ruler, on the wrist or neck around a week, Finally put the ruler can measure how many cm. Please provide the size you need when ordering, In order to make a suitable length for you. Origin / manufacturing methods Handmade in Hong Kong


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