Plain Thin Cotton Mask Cover Set / Limited to Taiwan Shipping / Limited to 50 Pieces per Day

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Trouble orderers can clearly see the contents of the product. 50 tablets daily at 8 am. Ships within 7-10 days after payment.



Plain Thin Cotton Mask Cover Set / Limited to Taiwan Shipping / Limited to 50 Pieces per Day


* To maintain the speed of shipment, the daily limit is 50 tablets * The daily fixed opening time is from 8 to 9 in the morning. * Shipped within 7-10 business days after order completion. * There are many orders. Custom names are not accepted. * Fabric is thin cotton, soft and breathable. Do not place an order for those who want airtight thick cotton fabrics. * Use after washing by hand, the cloth will be slightly wrinkled after being dried under water Those who care too much about beauty can iron by themselves. If you cannot accept it, please do not place an order. -------------------------------------------------- --------------------- I'm OK, you take the lead !! The general healthy person can use the mask cover, and by regularly cleaning the mask cover, the days of using the mask can be extended. At the time of epidemic prevention of this mask, try to leave it to frontline personnel or those who need it. 【Instructions for use】 This product is a mask cover. The body has no protective effect. It must be used with a medical mask. The main purpose is to extend the number of days of the mask. Regular cleaning is required to keep it clean. [Cloth description] Because wearing masks for a long time often has the problem of sweltering, we choose thin cloth (combed cotton) as the mask cover, which is soft, light and breathable, and has good touch. 【Instructions for use】 * Put the medical mask through the mask cover, adjust the positioning according to the face shape after putting on, the front and back shapes are the same, there is no front and back distinction. * It is recommended to clean the mask cover daily. Medical masks should be discarded and replaced according to the degree of use. 【Product specifications】 Adult size: length 18x width 10 cm Child size: length 16x width 9 cm (about 6-12 years old) Infant inch ruler: length 13x width 8 cm (about 2-5 years old) Material: Beige thin cotton cloth (soft and breathable combed cotton) 【Precautions】 * The merchandise sold is a cloth cover, which does not include a medical mask for taking pictures. * Products in contact with the body cannot be returned or exchanged due to hygiene issues. * The cloth cover should be used with a medical mask. The body is not protective. * The color of the computer screen is slightly different from the actual product color. The actual product color shall prevail. * Handmade factors, each finished product size is slightly different. * Please use water and clean with detergent before use. * Please wash by hand, do not rub the cloth surface hard, the cotton cloth will be slightly wrinkled after drying. * This is a transitional use product derived from the shortage of masks during the epidemic prevention period. Those who seek high quality should not place an order. * This cloth is thin cotton, thin cotton, thin cotton (it is important so I talk about three times), Those who pursue a thick sense of airtightness will suffocate the fabric, please don't place an order.


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