[First sale limited micro-batch] | Whiskey wine stained coffee gift box | First in Taiwan

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The first wine-stained coffee gift box in Taiwan! We put the fragrant aroma of Scotch whisky into the sweet and smooth coffee. After baking, it combines rich wild berries, malt molasses sweetness, cherry wine fragrant chocolate end rhyme, unique novel taste, will take you on a gorgeous taste bud adventure.


10g x 10


[First sale limited micro-batch] | Whiskey wine stained coffee gift box | First in Taiwan


**This Whiskey Distilled Coffee Gift Box-The First Distilled Coffee in Taiwan** "Whether you are drunk is an urban legend. But you won't be drunk with this cup." Because of the true love of coffee and wine. This season we launched the**Wine & Spirit Craft Coffee**series of projects. We use all kinds of spirits to soak coffee beans, and then roast them to blend the unique aroma and coffee aroma and perform on the same stage to create a complex and deep and charming taste. The first to board is the whiskey from Surland, and Brazil. The hacienda coffee in Mykonas Province, the combination of overflowing and balanced and smooth, is guaranteed to make you refreshing. The simple and stylish midnight blue gift box design is pleasing to the eye whether it is a gift or personal use. This time, we will drink a toast with coffee! **| Contents|** ◆ Bottled whiskey with coffee beans | 60g (bottled) x 1 ◆ Whiskey stained coffee ear bag| 10g (bag) x 4 ◆ Special flavor card ◆ Brewing guide card ◆ Gift greeting card (additional purchase if you need writing service: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/8qRmfZ5E ) Gift box size: 260 x 200 x 60 mm **| Featured limited micro batches |** The brewing process of brewing coffee, the immersion is time, and the mature is delicious. After several weeks of whiskey maceration and flipping, and then through multiple temperature drying, and finally time acclimatization, the coffee beans and whiskey were able to knead a balanced and charming flavor. There are limited batches brewed by the complex method of production. The quantity is limited. Coffee fans should not miss it! **| Introduction to the flavor of whiskey stained coffee |** After repeated drying and roasting smelting, the tamed wine-stained coffee beans exudes a full berry, rum raisin aroma, as fragrant as walking into a late winter orchard. At the beginning of brewing, the aroma of the wine is deep but not compelling, just like a gentleman in a striped shirt, with a smooth, bright and round texture, as if you can see charming smile lines on the corners of the eyes. However, it was actually just the first impression. After drinking it, you will feel the basic Scotch whisky, the kind of sea breeze, a little unsmiling character, hidden behind the sweet Brazilian honey processed coffee. In the middle of the tasting, the aroma of wine, maltose molasses, and the end of cherry chocolate constitute the main body of the taste; after cooling, it will exude the sweet aroma of dried longan, honey, and slightly roasted wood. This is a coffee with a complete structure and a slender body, just like a charming man who is easy to be loved, but still maintains a complex depth. **| Coffee and Whiskey Resume|** Whisky Origin ■ Whiskey origin: England, Scotland ■ Whiskey flavor: honey, peat, salty sea breeze, fat, caramel sweet Coffee Origin ■ Coffee producing area: Brazil, Mykonas Province ■ Raw bean processing method: sun-dried with fruit pulp ■ Baking degree: medium baking ■ Altitude: about 900~1300 meters ■ Variety: Cardura **| Barista Notes|** "People who like coffee and wine are usually more interesting"-this, of course, is prejudice. But for me, it's a pretty practical little bias. The idea of this wine-stained coffee is to make the two drinks with the most fans in human history perfectly perform on the same stage. The combination of wine and coffee is not uncommon, but traditionally the wine is added during brewing. In our wine-stained coffee series, the coffee is immersed in spirits and then roasted, hoping to create a more varied flavor through time and high temperature quenching. Under the influence of dipping, drying, and roasting, it is necessary to choose different origin coffees, suitable wines, degree of drying, roasting curves, etc.... We did suffer a lot from the first attempt. Continuous development has also filled the studio with large and small wine bottles. ◤ This debut whisky-stained coffee may not be a popular lover, but I believe it must be Mr. Right some people love at first sight. Just like Fitzgerald, who wrote "The Biography of Tycoon", once said: "What I wrote when I was sober was very stupid"... (It seems that writing is the same as falling in love, too sensible but not effective.) I personally like to drink it at work or when I want to be creative. It is obviously a refreshing coffee, but it is mixed with a little drunken atmosphere, which is very inspirational. Vincent Wu, Director #Coffee life home of constant creation and exploration #本酒染咖啡 #Whisky Distilled Coffee #全台first wine-stained coffee #Wine & Spirit Craft Coffee #Whisky Infused Coffee


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