crystal in dearsharka || Light Blue Apatite x Orange Moonstone x Blue Moon Moonstone Clear Blue Clear Sea Beauty

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Light blue apatite x Orange Moonstone x Blue Moon moonstone · Beautiful blue sea of ​​azure sea ~ Light blue sea of ​​ap



crystal in dearsharka || Light Blue Apatite x Orange Moonstone x Blue Moon Moonstone Clear Blue Clear Sea Beauty


⊢ hand hit name ⊣ Light blue apatite x Orange Moonstone x Blue Moon moonstone, blue and clear ocean beauty 手 about hand-made ⊣ Apatite like light blue sea gives us the same inclusiveness as the ocean. It symbolizes the birth of life and gives people the power to rebuild. She is more able to relieve the physical and mental tension and bring people lucky power. Zuo Shangzuo on the orange moonlight with a soft silver halo, she can make each other need to understand each other, more harmonious love, more of your own rhythm, but also because of her orange tones can give a warm and energetic power. And then embellished with blue halo of Moonstone, she can enhance your intuition, so that sensibility and spirituality up! Up! She can also need to understand each other, love each other more coordinated, more you own Rhythm, so she is also known as the "stone of a lover." In the end, she matched the Japanese beads and the Czech beads that she had seen through the United States, so that she was much more oceanic and enchanting. ⊢ crystal in dearsharka ⊣ Crystal shar fear a string of "Buddha beads" crystal bracelet. So, shar love dearsharka in the crystal beauty with their own personality, so that crystal beauty can also become a strong sense of the fashion eye jewelry. ▶▶ shar loves to keep every crystal unique, so it will not be sold after the same style. ▶▶ Beautiful crystal with the Czech beads and Japanese beads. Rich and varied colors of their excellent quality, not easy to fade. ▶▶ Threading part, shar "Japan elastic silk line", toughness, not easy to break. ▶▶ Crystal beautiful with traces of their own natural ice crack, which is their most natural look. Shar will try to show their appearance in the photo. ▶▶ To adjust the length that fits you, shar may need to adjust the length of the bracelet, thus increasing or decreasing part of the Czech or Japanese beads. ▶▶ The beauty of the turquoise and pearl models is relatively delicate. It is highly recommended to remove during bathing. ⊢ Take Me Home ⊣ Since each beauty is in need of tailor-made or adjusted, shar will send the beauty to you as soon as possible, within 4 - 6 working days after confirming the order has been paid and hand length. When you decide to take her home, Shar will help you adjust the length of your wrist. So, do not forget to take a line after the purchase, along your wrist around a circle, and then measure the feet. Please [order notes] tell shar [be sure to provide, or fear will delay until delivery time] ~ ① hand circumference is how much cm? ② hope some fit? Or some sense of space? ★★★ Important ~ Important: Do not measure the existing hand ring or wristwatch and other indirect length ~ 【Plus purchase small objects】 Stainless steel wire + 925 sterling silver S-ring only for beautiful crystal section Here, every hand is beautiful without any restriction on them, and there is no rigid system of production lines. Each one of them has its own unique temperament and beauty. ◭◭◭ At fb & IG, you can find the trail of dearsharka! ◭◭◭ Origin / manufacturing methods Handmade in TW


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