AJ2 │ │ weight off roasted coffee │ multi-function folding sofa bed

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AJ2 │ │ weight off roasted coffee │ multi-function folding sofa bed


∎ 30 years export factories, 100% MIT level manpower for Hong Kong, Japan, selling No.1 ∎ 3D folding technology, while meeting sofas, beds, chairs and other daily functions ∎ The heat-treated steel bone mounted five-phase adjustment gear, stability very good durability ∎ 2 categories A total of six wheel design, the brake system is lightweight and easy to move the latch ∎ intimate feather lightweight design, after closing the doors volume accounted for only a quarter of the city Kotaku accommodating players https://i.imgur.com/EdXyIAY.jpg https://www.aj2.com.tw/data/goods/201611/1480056412PM7YD2.jpg AJ2 deep in the ground 30 years of research and development team, has been focused on the development of Taiwan's small space home design, specially selected hot season decades of selling products, through a new design vocabulary, the durability, comfort and sense of design to enhance to more advanced home and enjoy! https://www.aj2.com.tw/data/goods/201611/14800545466SML52.jpg Inspired by [snip] when sound folding, Zecc off with a simple appearance and practical features unmatched. Like a tidy wall, can willfully hide stowed in a small storage space, can be opened after separation of a solid, not only can increase the seat, visiting friends and family in the bed, it is a small city house accommodating players! https://www.aj2.com.tw/data/goods/201611/1480056417PF21Z2.jpg Zecc folding multi-function folding sofa bed use in steel skeleton as a support, on both sides of the pulley lightweight design makes it easier to move, export quality MIT high density foam a comfortable ride feel solid, while equipped with 5-stage back heat treatment gear, colorful table cloth so that space is a little more lively, creating different levels. https://www.aj2.com.tw/data/goods/201611/1480054548VI59X2.jpg When [close] upright storage safety lock, safety lock can be firmly fixed bilateral tripod, effectively prevent the pulley moving skeleton smoothing, let you move easily, no need to worry more elegant for any inconvenience. https://www.aj2.com.tw/data/goods/201611/1480054549HVNIY2.jpg [Security] fixed chain left and right frame are arranged safe fixed intimate design practice, to ensure that when using a tripod was spread open state, to avoid pinching or moved or tripod displacement caused by insufficient support rollover situation. https://www.aj2.com.tw/data/goods/201611/148005457112T7K2.jpg [Elegant pulley 2 categories A total of six pulleys designed to allow you to easily move close together after a little is not laborious, especially around the four sides mounted brake latch system, just gently press, can be firmly fixed on you desired position. https://www.aj2.com.tw/data/goods/201611/1480054570L56FM2.jpg [Handle] facilitate consideration of convenience when used in the development, particularly in the design of the ergonomic side handle, handle direct operation by the special housing, assist you to easily Collapse, expand, more comfortable upright when it pushed to the destination. https://www.aj2.com.tw/data/property/201612/1481003501X41IU0.jpg From the design, pattern-making, sewing, filling and packaging, each a Zecc multifunction folding sofa bed to come from the old master who AJ2 Tainan hands, use three decades of persistence and technology, so that living in a small space you will enjoy 100% MIT level manpower for the ultimate comfort. https://www.aj2.com.tw/data/goods/201611/1480056442XLU0Z2.jpg [Size] Expand sofa length: 193cm width: 90cm height: 35cm https://www.aj2.com.tw/data/goods/201611/1480056443GG8R72.jpg Sofa close the doors [size] length: 110cm width: 26cm height: 90cm Zecc off - high density foam multi-function folding sofa bed is used, all have been tested by the SGS test, ROHS polymer contains, hexavalent chromium (Cr + 6), total polybrominated biphenyls, polybrominated diphenyl ethers even total other chemicals are as "nd zero detection", AJ2 loving family concept for you strict process of making every procedure, allowing you to buy with confidence with more peace of mind :) https://cdn2.citiesocial.com/citiesocial/image/fetch/w_500,c_thumb,q_100/https://citiesocial.s3.amazonaws.com/apps/proposals/proposed_products/196220441/description_images/SGS1.jpg https://cdn2.citiesocial.com/citiesocial/image/fetch/w_500,c_thumb,q_100/https://citiesocial.s3.amazonaws.com/apps/proposals/proposed_products/196220441/description_images/SGS2.jpg https://cdn2.citiesocial.com/citiesocial/image/fetch/w_500,c_thumb,q_100/https://citiesocial.s3.amazonaws.com/apps/proposals/proposed_products/196220441/description_images/SGS3.jpg https://cdn2.citiesocial.com/citiesocial/image/fetch/w_500,c_thumb,q_100/https://citiesocial.s3.amazonaws.com/apps/proposals/proposed_products/196220441/description_images/SGS5.jpg https://cdn2.citiesocial.com/citiesocial/image/fetch/w_500,c_thumb,q_100/https://citiesocial.s3.amazonaws.com/apps/proposals/proposed_products/196220441/description_images/SGS4.jpg Origin / manufacturing methods 100% MIT Made in Taiwan / manual


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