Before sunset movie white mobile phone soft shell - micro back design - with XS / XR / XS Max

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Before sunset movie desire white mobile phone soft shell - micro back design



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Before sunset movie white mobile phone soft shell - micro back design - with XS / XR / XS Max


A series of movies that I deeply like from my heart, love one of the trilogy
Love at sunset, Before Sunset

Captured an English conversation line in the movie
The male and female protagonists repeatedly discussed the issue of desires

Yes, although I feel that I am often full of greed,
Desire is also growing infinitely.
But it’s not because these desires make us tend to a better state,
May be hard work, maybe motivated,

Although not successful, although life is always difficult, everyone is the same;
As long as you relax your heart and pursue it without your heart, desire is a good thing.

Not satisfied is also.


English and Chinese translation (irresponsible) translation on mobile phone case know, to be in the moment.I mean, I feel like I'm...
I mean, I feel like I am

...designed to be slightly dissatisfied with everything, you know?
Designed to be of a type that is unsatisfactory to anything, do you understand?

It's like always trying to better my situation.
I satisfy one desire, and it just agitates another
If I satisfy a desire, it will stimulate another desire to generate.

And then I think, to hell with it, right?Desire's the fuel of life.
So I want to go to fuck, desire is the driving force of life.

You know? Do you think it's true...
...that if we never wanted anything,we'd never be unhappy?
Do you think this is true?
If we don't have desires, we will be happy forever?

I don't know.
Not wanting anything, isn't that a symptom of depression?
I do not know. If there is no desire, is this not a manifestation of depression?

It's okay to want things, as long as you aren't pissed off if you don't get them.
Desire itself is not a bad thing, as long as you don't care too much about it.

Life's hard.
Life is very hard

It's supposed to be.
This is also a natural thing.

Object introduction:
- Special thickening design
- Button to press not card
- Precision opening
- Up and down two lanyard holes design
- Suitable for all kinds of full protection stickers, don't worry about being turned up
- The pattern is not easy to wear (touched to float)

Material: Plastic

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