Customized matte pin handwritten font souvenir / small section

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Customized unique monuments transfer temperature with handwritten fonts


Customized matte pin handwritten font souvenir / small section

商品説明 ***Great offer!*** 小 A small gift for the students 加 Give a friend a gift 👉🏻 Give friends and family at the wedding 🙋🏼 The more the quantity, the cheaper~ 雾 matte treatment, texture up up (It is different from the matte surface made in large quantities outside the factory!) Please be sure to turn on the notification after placing your order, we will check the draft with you🍁 **If we have not checked with us within 24hr, we will make it directly.** 【Customized steps】 ►Step1. ◀ What do you want? **Optional public version, no limit on words** If you need a public version, you can provide the code number when ordering (the quantity and color are also clearly stated in order) (The color of the picture below is for reference only, you can choose the color number with your own ~) **Or provide content by yourself, the word limit is as follows** Small pin is only 3*3cm So limit the number of words to only 5 words! More than one word is added $5 (It is ok to write more, but it is recommended not to exceed 20 words) (can be divided into 1-3 lines) * At least 6 or more purchases are required for a single order* (The order link is as follows: ) Large pin 5*5cm You can write 10 words for free. More than one word is added $5 (It is ok to write more, but it is recommended not to exceed 40 words) (can be divided into 1-4 lines) * At least 5 or more purchases are required for a single order* // English alphabet two words count one word // Japanese, Thai, and Korean are acceptable~ // If the number of words exceeds the number of words, add one more word and place more than one word. (If more than five words, then "extra" orders five "plus words", and the combination of the payment with the pin) ►Step 2. ◀ Can I change the color? A. If the number of purchases is less than ten, if you want to change to color, you must "order one more"! (eg To buy six small, change the background color, you have to order 6+1=7) (eg To buy six small two big ones, change the background color, then order 6 small and 2+1= 3 big) B. I have more than ten, I have to change the color for free! C. I can maintain normal black and white (skip to ►Step 5. ◀) ►Step 3. ◀ I am sure I want to change to color~ Please follow the last color card of the product photo Mark clearly behind the content (eg 1. Our youth A5) * If you have a special color, you can directly tell ~ such as: black * ►Step 4. Does the color have a color difference? Can I use my own image file? Can provide image creation Just know that there must be a possibility of color difference! Because of the relationship between the computer display and the printing of the machine, the color difference of the products is normal, and the recipient orders again~ ►Step 5. What are the different contents and colors? That's right! All can be different, as long as the number of words is limited (more than the additional) 🔺 Please suggest a message before we place an order! 🔺 Detailed information about what to do / color / quantity ~ Provide content/public version number/color/number if using the public version - For example: Hello, I want to order a large amount*8 1. Thank you for appearing in my life / N.89 /B2 / *4 2. The youth of that year / white background / *1 3. Football Junior / C1 / *1 4. Happy Graduation / D7 / *1 - 🛎 If you can do this private message, it will make the order faster~🛎 If you don’t, it’s the fastest to pull the private message~~ - - The same pattern or text And the number is more than 30 Welcome to the private message to ask for special prices! - Due to the need for customized services So the production day is 7-25 days. If you have an urgent item, you can also discuss it with us. Especially to catch gifts~~ - Be sure to read the contents before placing an order! ! Finally, put the content on the order note. Any questions are welcome to ask questions directly - Remember to remember! If you don't need to change the background color Pins are all black on white If you need to change the background color, you need to charge more than 10 pins, you can use the same order, no limit. (The trouble is automatically more than one order) EX. I want to buy four pins, but the background color wants to change blue. Then you need to place five orders when ordering! No further changes will be made after checking the draft Unless it is our color, the content is wrong~ So please confirm the content again before placing an order♥️♥️ - Come and order your memories, which are gifts for your youth! - // The color card has been updated at 2010.04.23 7:00p.m //


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