Mother's Day Gift-Ice Waxy White Background Green Peace Bangle/Bracelet/Jade Bangle/Bangle

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|Size description| ►Inner ring: 55.5mm ►Width: 14mm ►Thickness: 7.6mm


Mother's Day Gift-Ice Waxy White Background Green Peace Bangle/Bracelet/Jade Bangle/Bangle

商品説明 |Product name| 💯Myanmar Jade A Goods Ice glutinous white background green peace bracelet/Bracelet/Jade bracelet/Bangle Natural jadeite, Piaoyang green/black-bone chicken cotton (features) |Size description| ►Inner ring: 55.5mm ►Width: 14mm ►Thickness: 7.6mm |Material Description| jade |Hand circumference measurement| ►There are already jade bracelets, just find a ruler (cm) and measure the inner diameter of the bracelet (gold and silver bracelets, except for bracelets) ►Buying a bracelet for the first time: use a ruler (cm) to measure the width of the palm width (except the thumb), and the measured size should be based on the following corresponding information, and choose a bracelet with a suitable inner diameter size **If you are not sure about the size, please contact the designer** |Maintenance Method| Rinse with clean water after each wearing, and then wipe dry with cotton cloth until it is completely dry, then put it in a moisture-proof bag for storage ►Pure silver material: just wipe with cotton cloth/silver cloth ►Pack K material: just wipe with cotton cloth **All accessories must not be worn in hot springs or in contact with sea water** **Silver washing water is prohibited for package K material** |Appraisal Letter| ►Commodity appraisal, you need to pay the appraisal fee separately ►Laboratory "Lai Taian Gem Appraisal Center", gems/jades can be sent for appraisal **The appraisal fee for each product is different, you can ask first** **7-14 days working time required** **Special service, no refund** |Product Packaging| ►Environmental protection paper box/moisture-proof bag/maintenance card/two-layer bubble paper/business card **The moisture-proof bag is made of PVC material, which is twice as thick to isolate the air and prevent oxidation of the jewelry** **Goods will be shipped in two layers of bubble wrap** |After-sales service| Either X Essential Jewelry If you need to replace consumables for products sold by Either X Essential Jewelry, you need to bear the shipping cost ►Where you buy an elastic bracelet (Japanese-made silk thread), please contact us for replacement when you find that there is a small silk thread running out of the silk thread. You can enjoy a free thread replacement service within one year ►The product is recommended to replace consumables every year, such as: elastic thread/question mark hook/ear hook, and additional material costs will be charged |Basic Delivery| ►Taiwan area: [Taiwan Post] registered (tracking number) 3~10 working days from the day of shipment ►Taiwan area: [Super Business 7-11/Family] 3~10 working days from the day of shipment ►Overseas areas: [Hongkong Post] registered (tracking number) 10-20 working days from the day of shipment **Taiwan and overseas regions choose postal services to send registered air freight (tracking number), and registered parcels need to be signed. Please fill in the correct recipient address when purchasing. If it cannot be delivered due to human factors such as filling in the wrong address, we will not reissue it for free and will not refund it, and it will be reissued by the buyer after the shipping fee.** |ABOUT EITHER X ESSENTIAL JEWELRY Appreciating and playing with green | «𝐄𝐢𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫 𝐗 𝐄𝐬𝐬𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐚𝐥» Emerald X Silver Ornament XTaiwan Xiaobanliang __Myanmar jadeite A, natural stone as the main material __ It has more than 50 years of experience in owning jadeite. Ban Niang has been playing jade since she was a child, and she has been playing jade for more than 10 years. She wants to break the modern definition of "Old-fashioned Jade" so that people of all ages can find jade jewelry that suits them. The jade is made by a master who Ban Niang knows himself, and Ban Niang personally selected and designed it twice. "Kind, water, color, form, and work" is absolutely one-of-a-kind "There is no flawless jade." Natural jade rarely reaches perfection. But you/you can give them life and stories |: one of life but must have To All your unique collections✨ |Before you buy| "Natural Jade A Goods" "There is no flawless jade." Natural jade rarely reaches perfection. But you/you can give them life and stories ►Natural minerals such as ice cracks, lack of minerals, sand holes, cotton, color patterns, clouds, etc. are all natural phenomena, not flaws, mind shooting carefully. ►Polishing and polishing may have a little roughness and unevenness due to hand-engraving, please forgive me "Reminder" ►Each product is sold in real shots, please try to refer to the physical effects shown by photos from different angles, and please read the product introduction carefully ►Shooting Use the Apple IPhone to shoot directly without editing. There will be color difference, subject to the actual product received ►Accessories are all hand-designed and made, please do not pull strongly **After receiving the goods, if you have any questions, please contact us** ❤Welcome to discuss with the designer if you have any questions ❤Instagram fan page: exe_jewelry Made in Taiwan / Handmade


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