[Nature Department Dry Wreath] Customized DIY materials including making teaching

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"Natural Dry Wreath, Bringing Nature Home" is mainly made of cotton, with small and exquisite dried flowers such as white, orange, and yellow, plus wood chips that can be customized for lettering, to complete a warm color, spring and summer atmosphere wreath. It is suitable for hanging on the wall or door, and can also send messages through the text of the wreath, making it a gift full of heart!


[Nature Department Dry Wreath] Customized DIY materials including making teaching


"Customized DIY Wreath Material Package" This material package is**order-to-order**, and it takes about 3-5 working days to wait after placing the order. When placing an order, please indicate**the font and content of the wood chip lettering** / Size/ The diameter of the rattan ring is about 25 cm, and the diameter of the finished product is about 30 cm, depending on the finished product. / Material package contents/ -1 rattan ring: 25 cm in diameter -3 pieces of wood chips: customized lettering, if you choose not to engrave, it will still be attached, wood chips can be purchased -1 set of dry plant material: it contains cotton and matching materials, the amount is more than that in the photo, make sure you have enough materials to use! Because they are all natural materials, there will be differences in size and type,__will adjust the flower materials according to the season under the premise of maintaining the original style, and may not be 100% the same as the__. Please refer to the overall weight of the picture, accept the order before placing an order ☺ -Link to the electronic manual **Note: The material package does not contain adhesive, you need to bring your own hot melt glue/styrofoam glue and scissors when making it.**(Hot melt glue is quick to dry and is recommended) / Wood chip lettering/ -If you want to engrave on wood chips, please leave a message when placing an order to inform the designer of the**font**and**content** -English needs to be**pay attention to capitalization**, and it will be engraved according to the capitalization provided by the guest! -You can choose to engrave English, Chinese or numbers. The engraving range is about 5.5 cm wide and 1.5 cm high. It is recommended that a single piece of wood chip has no more than 9 letters in English, and no more than 5 words in Chinese. The font size will be adjusted according to the overall layout -Engraving service is included in the purchase of wood chips, no extra charge -Using laser engraving, it is normal if there is a slight yellow scorch mark on the edge of the engraved font https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51016446135_2886747051_c.jpg /Packaging/ In response to environmental protection, our products are generally simply packaged with paper cushions, and sometimes bubble paper is reused. If you have a gift-giving requirement, please note it when placing the order, and you will use kraft paper to wrap the gift. / storage method/ Placed in a dry and ventilated place without sunlight, it can last for more than 1-2 years. Dry plants are natural materials, and fading gradually after being placed is normal. / After-sales service/ Customized products cannot be returned or exchanged after the order is placed. If the material is damaged due to shipping, please take a photo and contact the designer after receiving it. Damage caused by personal factors (such as the DIY production process) is not included. / Material package features/ Three reasons to choose the grass material package: https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51038795606_ea8c40ede2_c.jpg / Know the grass/ Grass Studio is a team that promotes "hands-on flower art". We look forward to making DIY an expectation and enjoyment through our carefully designed material package.


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