Handmade vegetable tanned cowhide coin purse

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Simple style leather coin purse. It is made purely by hand in traditional way. All use Italian vegetable tanned cowhide. Make-to-order. Available in three colors.


Handmade vegetable tanned cowhide coin purse


*The products in this store are all "made to order", start making after confirming the payment. The average production time is 3~7 working days, depending on the order quantity. *The color of the product display photos is light brown, other than the original colors need to be dyed by hand, so the price is different, please confirm before buying. -Product desciption- Simple style leather coin purse, the curved design fits the palm of the hand, easy to hold and easy to open and close. Comes with a buckle belt. Size: 76x36x47(mm) Using Italian special-grade vegetable tanned cowhide as the material, from the design and patterning to the perforation and sewing, all are hand-made with traditional tools. The taste of the finished product is very different from other types of leather or machine-made products. -Introduction of vegetable tanned leather- Vegetable tanned leather, as its name suggests, is a leather tanned using plant extracts as a tanning agent. Vegetable tanning is the oldest and most traditional tanning method, because it uses natural plants, it is pollution-free. It can perfectly maintain the texture and lines of the leather itself, and even the skin wrinkles and insect bite spots are completely covered. You may think that vegetable tanned leather does not have a smooth touch and uniform color like other leathers, but it is because of this that the leather made by it will have such a taste. Every vegetable tanned leather item can be said to be unique. -Maintenance of vegetable tanned leather goods- Vegetable-tanned leather products usually maintain the most original appearance and texture of the leather, so it needs maintenance just like your skin. If it is too dry, it needs the protection of grease to prevent it from cracking, and if it is too wet, it will become moldy and deformed. It is recommended to use animal-based colorless maintenance oil regularly and evenly on the leather, and then wipe it with a non-woven cloth or soft brush, which can maintain the luster of the leather and create special aging marks. Will absorb moisture too easily and cause mold or deformation. In daily use, even the natural oils on the hands can achieve a certain oiling effect on the leather by touching it. If it is not used for a long time, it is recommended to store it in a sealed container and isolate it from air to keep the leather in good condition. If you have any questions about the product, please write to us!


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