Oreo Table High Bowl Rack Set-Pink

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The high-quality bright porcelain bowls + stable cast iron metal bowl racks make Mao Baobao eating a delightful thing.



Oreo Table High Bowl Rack Set-Pink


https://8821.cyberbiz.tw/s/files/8821/ckeditor/pictures/content_d37dc21e-b9a7-4ed1-9c33-55072f2b0814.jpg Simple, cute, beautiful, practical and durable, convenient for people to clean, small space home environment, simple ideal for small and medium-sized dogs and cats. **※ Metal tripod base-looks light, but actually stable and reliable** https://8821.cyberbiz.tw/s/files/8821/ckeditor/pictures/content_463065ed-9a15-478b-92d4-6d3aeb04d7db.jpg When you pick up the tripod, you can immediately feel the stability and reliability of the cast iron metal tripod by hand welding and making. At the same time, there is a layer of anti-slip pad on the face to increase the stability of the bowl. Dump the problem. # Another advantage is that unlike wood shelves, it is easy to hide dirt and dirt. https://8821.cyberbiz.tw/s/files/8821/ckeditor/pictures/content_db74a6fb-6f8c-4602-ae4c-3c71a88e3bc9.jpg **※ Ceramic bowl-the best balance between practicality and beauty** The surface of the ceramic material is smooth and not easy to scratch, and it is easy to disinfect and clean, which can help to keep it clean and reduce the breeding of bacteria. In particular, the cat's tongue has a barb structure, which is easy to leave scratches on the plastic bowl and hide bacteria. Some cats are allergic to plastic food bowls, causing acne. Rare bright colors, two shades of ceramic bowls, with low legs, very suitable for small and medium-sized children with 1 ~ 6kg hair, in order to meet the different habits of cats / dogs, long noses / short noses, and eating. https://8821.cyberbiz.tw/s/files/8821/ckeditor/pictures/content_25a2bf1c-c3eb-43cd-b844-974ebe9a95c9.jpg Of course, we recommend that you buy a tray, because some children will eat all over the floor. If there is a tray, it will be easier to clean, and at the same time it will be more visually holistic! https://8821.cyberbiz.tw/s/files/8821/ckeditor/pictures/content_e785520c-8014-48f3-9ec4-96b903e0b4b3.jpg https://8821.cyberbiz.tw/s/files/8821/ckeditor/pictures/content_77b49977-2e22-4b7c-8854-c4ebe87ade54.jpg https://8821.cyberbiz.tw/s/files/8821/ckeditor/pictures/content_eaadc27a-6515-469a-9f73-74f8eb8a6212.jpg **【Product description of iron base】** The base is hand-made, it is made of iron material and welded after molding, and its shape and state will not be 100% the same. Each seat is painted manually, and the gloss and color may be slightly different. Please keep it dry to remind you that if the metal gets wet for a long time, it will cause rust. **【Description of porcelain products】** Oreo Table is a ceramic bowl fired at high temperature. Even when baking at a constant temperature and kiln position, the shape is not always uniform due to other natural phenomena, Its shape and state cannot be 100% the same as before. **【Gap between porcelain bowl and iron table】** The gap is about 2 ~ 3mm, there is no problem in use, and it is not a defect. **【Usage and maintenance method】** You can use a microwave oven, please do not use the oven, the use of the oven may cause damage due to rapid heating. **【Detailed size / capacity specifications】** https://8821.cyberbiz.tw/s/files/8821/ckeditor/pictures/content_4cc9342f-dcf1-4712-bdff-acd49e39d18d.jpg **【Precautions】** ※ For the first use, please wash and dry first. This product is hand-made, and there may be a slight tilt between the pottery and the tripod, which is normal. The photo shows that the color is different from the actual product, the picture is for reference only. The actual size of the product may be slightly different due to different measurement methods. During the baking process, gas holes may be generated due to air bubbles. The traces on the glaze are a natural phenomenon in the production process, not flaws. Due to the natural nature of porcelain products, the color of each product may vary slightly. The above are the characteristics of handmade pottery, not the defects of the product. The product context picture is for illustrative purposes only, and the product includes only the specification content items, and does not include other supporting products or accessories.


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