[MOOD] Shoe cleaning set

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[MOOD] Shoe cleaning set


MOOD is a mild cleaning solution, Can effectively clean the shoes of dirt and stains, Does not contain any irritating chemical composition, No additional burden and harm to the human body and the natural environment, You can rest assured that it will use the material in any color shoes! Four characteristics: Clean --- MOOD terms of our most fun thing in the efficacy of the product acceptance by consumers, So when faced with cleaning efficacy of the product evaluation, we particularly strict engraved version, [Products through rigorous certification relevant units], Maintain effective extraction natural ingredients used to break down and removing dirt! Our enthusiasm comes from the revelations of harmful ingredients humans get more power, so cleaning supplies really clean, Not only that, but also committed to the products become more friendly environment, does not affect the water lofty ideals, Cleaning shoes, while for the conservation contribute, Environmental non-toxic ingredients to develop efficient cleaning supplies shoes, Such a combination to save the world but also created a brand new cleaning shoe care products! Safety--- Clean love shoes can be a chore, But smoked eyes, allergens, carcinogens, respiratory tract injuries, or add flavor gave you a headache ... and so on, Not only to maintain a clean pair of shoes should have side effects just love, it is a warning! This means that your body is through some kind of response tells you "do not use it, this was bad for you!" Our Green Team to strict testing for each ingredient we want to use, Good to ensure the safety of every ingredient we use .. This is why MOOD products for people, children or pets at home so friendly. Unique formula only Dirty moves are not going to people, causing additional damage or burden of children, pets, and nature! green--- Safe use of small molecule sustainable regeneration, Because the use of sub-one hundred renewable recycled plastic bottles to do, Constantly looking for any method of saving energy and reducing carbon, animals do not adhere to the test, Non-toxic, environmentally friendly ingredients to develop new products and improving ingredients, All components of transparency, process and track record to achieve the responsibilities and obligations of the green business to do! fragrance--- Some companies may think ammonia, bleach odor or flavor that is widely used to clean some of the flavor should be. In MOOD, we believe floral, fruity is, or some herbal incense is! We found that some products will remind you to hold your breath or open the windows to keep the air circulating. But certainly no one told you cut lemon should hold your breath, right? We positioned the fragrance should have a taste! ‧ Package Size: 13 x 22 x 2 cm ‧ Package Contents: 1 bottle shoe cleaning kit (120ml), 1 wedges the wooden brush ‧ Design: Taiwan ‧ Origin: Taiwan <Design apartments> Resonate with the atmosphere of the times, contemporary design and produce sparks, You, ulterior motives, You, the taste of life. Design apartments DesignApt, share love simple life, The design by consumers at home and abroad brand usher, we hope you understand this meet. Taste of a private place, a secret hidden beneath the brand of personal style, Life, like the poem, allowing designers like the song, Creative. design. Brand. Innovative concept, designed to lead a new life. ** Invoice sent with the goods, such as an invoice shall send another, Will use post office cash on delivery closed 60 yuan fee, according to the inconvenience please forgive me. **


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