me. Prevention of lost pet collar (medium - two color).

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me. Prevention of lost pet collar (medium - two color).


*Please read the product description before the subscript, if the problem must first ask clear Oh!* *To avoid future disputes, thank you ^ ^* -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------ Any custom message Please note after payment in the remarks column to avoid omission In order to avoid custom content has been wrong, please cooperate with a lot! If you are not in the remarks column notes and the production of goods will not return, please forgive me -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------ Exclusive pet anti-lost collar Help the baby made its exclusive collar To prevent the loss of pets ~ ★ color - light green + yellow and blue stripes. ★ collar size - length (pet neck circumference size) + width 1.8cm. ★ This section is medium, suitable for about 7 ~ 12 kg. *ps: kg for the reference quality, or to pet for a kind of collar-based width.* ★ because it is pure hand embroidery words, so embroidery of each word can not be the same, and different "word" embroidery way will be some different, so can not be the same with the words of the photo Oh ~ ★ the surface of the embroidery has to do the handle, in the normal use of the word is not easy to wear Oh! ★ need to inform - the size of the neck of the pet + pet name + the owner of the phone (1 group) Embroidery Style - For example: Bear * 0922 xxx 222 (Pet name) (master phone) *Please do not directly under the order !! trouble before the first contact with the designer, inform you "pet name", especially the Chinese Oh!* *Additional charges are subject to additional charges* ★ Customize the collar with the size of the neck of the pet, but still can be resized. ★ material - cotton + ribbon (black), YKK button (general type), a diamond (Swarovski). ★ cleaning and maintenance methods - Gentle hand wash can extend the life of the product Oh ~ It is recommended to use a toothbrush gently scrub, and then dry cloth dry, and then dried on it. ps: because the surface has a special treatment, the surface will be a bit sticky when the water is normal but do not "hard" scrub only "gently brush" can be completely dry will not have this phenomenon Oh! ◎ computer to see how much the color will be error, the goods will prevail according to the actual supply style. ◎ unless the defective factors, custom merchandise will not return. Origin / manufacturing method Origin of Taiwan (handmade)


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