cat2000 oil-proof and waterproof non-staple food bib

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Three-piece bib The oil-proof and waterproof bib for children learning to eat is easy to pack and clean. The overall light and soft can be easily worn to fit the body, and it is convenient to carry out.



cat2000 oil-proof and waterproof non-staple food bib


Children enter the non-staple food stage Small hand holding a spoon and waving or grasping or pinching It is common for rice and vegetables to fly around In addition to training children to take the spoon to eat I hope the dining process is relaxed and pleasant Mom can quickly organize after meals /Product description/ ◆The fabric is thick and firm, the texture of the cotton cloth is very good, and the overall light and soft can be easily worn to fit the body. ◆The surface is treated with oil and water repellent, which will not stain clothes. ◆The foldable three-dimensional pocket can receive fallen food and soup drinks, and can be easily and quickly cleaned after the meal. ◆Slightly folded or rolled up, it is convenient to carry out without taking up space. ◆It can also be used as a placemat when it is flattened during a picnic, and put snack fruits on it for children directly. *Small mochi 1 year old and 9 kilograms * ❖The bib is light and soft and does not affect the movement of the body and hands ❖Buckle the buttons to form a three-dimensional pocket /Material/ Main fabric: 100% cotton Hemming fabric: 100% cotton Surface waterproof film: Japanese matte waterproof film, non-toxic and odorless /size/ Neck circumference: about 30~34cm (the tightness of the two buttons can be adjusted) Length: 29cm Width: 24.5cm /Recommended age/ 6 months to 3 years old (can be used when starting to use non-staple food) /Washing instructions/ It is recommended to wash by hand, use a rag to get a little baby bottle cleaner Remove food and grease on the surface by wiping Rinse with water, hang in a cool and ventilated place to dry naturally *Be sure to dry before using for the second time* *Do not put in the washing machine or dishwasher for cleaning* *Do not expose to the sun* /Origin manufacturing method / Japanese and Taiwanese materials, handmade in Taiwan 【Reminder】 1. The photos are all physical shots. The chromatic aberration has been adjusted to the minimum. The color of the product will still be slightly different due to different computer screen settings. Please understand that the buyer can accept it before purchasing. 2. The location of each piece of fabric cutting and pattern drawing may be different, with some slight changes, but the overall style is the same. Please understand that the buyer can accept it before purchasing. 3. After long-term use, the surface stamper will oxidize, age and turn yellow when exposed to air and light. 4. All bibs are hand-cut and sewn, and a slight error in size is normal. 5. OKAPPA is a personal studio, which can provide you with the order details with the studio name stamp, and cannot issue formal receipts such as the unified compilation and invoice stamp. If you have detailed requirements, please indicate in the order remarks. *If you have any questions about the product, please ask before placing the order and completing the payment.*


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