Adult Women's Day | Black Gray White Blue Green. Washed cotton linen. Simple. Match. Canvas shoes. Leather insole

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1. Wash cotton and linen with water and stick to simple natural materials. 2. Create a casual shoe that matches the oriental shape. 3. The master of Taiwan's forty years of experience is hand-made. 4. A wide, soft leather insole is used inside. 5. Tair


Adult Women's Day | Black Gray White Blue Green. Washed cotton linen. Simple. Match. Canvas shoes. Leather insole


/**Adult Women's Day**/ *To grow up* *More life than life* *More practical than fancy* *Not someone else, it is yourself* In recent years, the words "big man" have been popular, and the toys of adults, the adults of Tokyo, and the travel of adults. The "adult" here does not refer to legal adults after the age of 18; the adults here do not refer to the elders of the family, the old people of that kind. The adults here are talking about you and talking about me. In a blink of an eye, we all become "adults." The life of an adult may be: every morning, get up in the corner of the city, get a good job, and then go to work with due diligence. Although busy with business, life and work must be managed with care, at least one trip overseas. After work on weekdays, be busy with things that you are interested in: reading, baking, fitness, guitar or tap dancing. The privilege of becoming an adult is, You can choose what you really like. Because it is an adult, it is better to know what is right for you than to be popular. Because it is an adult, it is more like a simple and timeless taste than a fast fashion. Because it is an adult, so good mix and save time is also one of the key points that must be considered. It is an adult and a girl. It is a girl, but also an adult. This adult and female day gives you a lot of comfort, a perfect match, and a little cuteness. A woman who is a big man, a basic item that is essential for life. /**About the color of the flower cloth. Material**/ **Goose down white woman** **Rabbit ear ash woman** **Swallow black woman** **Butterfly tail blue woman** **Yucao green woman** This time, the flower cloth is the concept of using color to represent the flower cloth. I want to think about it, I don't want to use the black and white that is common in the market, and I don't want to use the so-called "Macaron color". I want to be closer to life. Imagine that each color can be easily and comfortably matched. Hey, don't think too much, put on, you can go out. So the choice of color is a big deal, The joint efforts of the Taiwanese florists are exquisite and take three months. The selection of basic and natural colors is basic. When the color is invisible, It is shaped. / ingredient identification / Washed cotton linen + canvas + rubber outsole **※ Warm reminder: Washed cotton linen because of the washing process, the cloth surface will show a natural feeling of velvet (non-hair ball).** **/ Product design positioning and cleaning and maintenance needs /** Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan MADE IN TAIWAN


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