◎ pearl bracelet*Rhodochrosite*Pomegranate stainless steel single double bracelet

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◎ pearl bracelet*Rhodochrosite*Pomegranate stainless steel single double bracelet


**◎ Product Specifications ◎** ● Product Features Rhodochrosite with natural pearl, red garnet Top inlaid with a blade, nodding cute! **Specially designed single-side training, on the other side is a double practice Yo** Fresh money is unique temperament bracelet ~ The use of stainless steel material of the chain section Do not worry about black oxide difficult to maintain Yo :) ● Material: Natural Pearl / Rhodochrosite / red garnet / ancient copper-plated silver pendant blade / stainless steel chain ● Size: **Size are all customizable Yo** → hand circumference measurement can be used paper, rope, tape and so on. Docile in the position you want to wear (usually wear a watch position) Do not deliberately taut, do the next mark before using the ruler to measure the fraction of the public can know your hands around. Will be based on when you provide customized**hand around scores well on the tightness of the public plus score**. ◎ tightness of the public score 1 cm (HT comfort), 1.5 cm (normal micro pine) 2 cm (unrestrained freedom) ~ ◎ Product size all can be adjusted according to personal preferences, as long as the message or remarks to me on the OK Hello ~ **● Be sure to inform the public around the time when the order hand scores + score Oh well tightness** ex: hand around 14 cm + 1.5 cm = 15.5 tightness **Be sure to confirm the size → again before the next one, To modify the size of goods shall pay the return shipping costs and manual modification.** **◎ Maintenance ◎** Natural crystal, pearls, shells, minerals, jade, wood, coral, glass and other materials → Toilet paper or cloth can be used wet wipe. ● If you do not usually go out to play with the jewelry, Please put it in a box or ziplock bag, This can be extended to keep it beautiful state of Yo! **※ Note ※** → actual product may vary depending on shooting light and display different color on each computer screen, but will**some color**. → because every kind of goods are all natural ingredients, and every single natural stone size will be a little different, so after the completion of the length of the actual product may have errors of about 0.3 centimeters, and will not be exactly the same size when ordering in the next set. → natural ore, pearl, crystal, jade and other natural materials .... Formed due to environmental causes**every single color texture neither identical**, **Also slightly small flaws may be cracks**, **Therefore can not exactly 100% and Images**, It's like natural creations unique identity card ^ ^ However, the production of every single material all items will be carefully selected to create a good person, be sure to accept and then the next single Oh. **→ because the whole museum are all hand-made goods, will inevitably leave a little hand-made signs (symmetrical zero error can not be 100%)** As the next single Oh do not mind. **● Make sure to accept the above considerations, and then the next single Oh! ●** Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan's production of handmade


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