Japanese thousand language paper umbrella series earrings

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[Thousands of paper umbrellas] Use umbrellas to prop up each long dream Bit by bit on the paper umbrella It’s not rain,


Japanese thousand language paper umbrella series earrings


Japanese thousand language paper umbrella series earrings ★★★ Color part look here ★★★ Color part trouble, please pick the color card of our fan group photo album →[Mio Japanese Cat Handmade] FB Fan Group →【千和纸色卡】Photo Album Please select the color A0001~A0030 The remaining colors and product pages (Umbrella completion photos) are out of stock If there is no color card selected, it will be shipped randomly. Earrings are not accepted for return, exchange, etc. after being sold by hand. Thank you for your understanding. ★ Respect for intellectual property rights ★ This work has been applied for creation and other related copyrights (including photos), unauthorized, imitated, produced, refurbished, resold, and other related infringement creations, the museum will be held accountable for relevant legal responsibilities, do not violate the law. [original small story] Japanese paper umbrella, also known as "and umbrella", 592-710 years (the Tang Dynasty), because Buddhism was introduced to Japan from China, was originally used as one of the instruments used in Buddhism, and later due to Japanese papermaking technology and bamboo craft technology. Improvement, so that the paper umbrella has more effect of painting and waterproofing. It began to flourish in the period from 1603 to 1867 (the Edo period in Japan). In addition to practical purposes, it also greatly influenced Japanese culture, from geisha, traditional dance, and tea ceremony. In daily life, the use of Japanese paper umbrellas is common. In the festival celebrations, the round surface of the umbrella represents perfection. As a symbol of people sheltering from the rain and avoiding evil, the opening and closing of the umbrella frame is also intended to be high. It is one of the representatives of culture and art. 1. Our ear pins are all pure brass allergic (Not called anti-allergy is because someone is also allergic to pure gold) 2. Free changeable clip 3. Colors can be mixed (eg red + blue, white + blue, etc.) To specify a color paper color system Facebook Facebook search for "Mio Japanese Cat Handwriting" Fan group related album <Qianheyou Zen Paper Color Card> is available for selection This is a customized product No refund will be accepted after sale Because each paper umbrella is handmade The color and texture of each Chiyoda paper are different. So when buying, the color is the main color. There will be some slight differences in each production. More or less there will be some traces of handwork But there is no guarantee that there will be no flaws. (But we will try to pick the perfect production to send) If you can't accept trouble, don't be subordinated! ! Please accept the subscript and welcome the private message to ask for selection. Can't accept don't subscript thank you Because we currently have a variety of paper colors to match Please choose the part of the ear pin when subscripting Then trouble memo or message part to tell us the color match Please refer to the fan group album color card for color. E.g: Hello board, I want a pair of paper umbrella earrings (red + blue) Subscribing to the 10 o'clock in the evening If you didn’t tell us the color, Then we will randomly send you a match! ! After-sales warranty All members of Pinkoi who purchase the jewelry of the museum can enjoy 7-day free warranty (calculated from the time of pick-up). Give five-star members a free warranty for each account (single transaction). (The above warranty is subject to damage caused by man-made damage and is not covered by the warranty) (The library reserves the right to provide relevant warranty processing) (Free warranty refers to spare parts. Maintenance does not require additional materials, labor, etc., and shipping costs are still required for return shipping.) ◎ Material: Japan Chiyoda Paper, Japanese Brass Alloy, Japanese Resin ◎ Out of stock styles need to wait about 2~3 days to make ◎ Taichung can face


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