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Green fluorite has the energy to stabilize emotions and is the first choice for people with upset thoughts. In addition, green fluorite can also clean the gas field, which can achieve the purpose of transshipment.


&lt;&lt; Green Fluorite Necklace-Faceted Design &gt;&gt; Green Fluorite Stabilizing Emotional Energy Stone


===== The total length of the necklace is 45cm, without extension chain (about the length of female short chain) ===== Extension chains can be added for free. (Convenient to adjust the bracelet elasticity by 1cm~4cm) "Sink Size" Total length: about 2cm (including ring), width 1cm "Natural Stone Energy" #Fluorite (Fluorite) Fluorite can also protect the sensitivity of the heart, as a shield of the mind, and also eliminate negative energy. Fluorite is a gem of spiritual order and clarity, reducing instability and disorder. This brings a smarter and more balanced life. Such qualities allow people to express ideas and implement plans. Fluorite can help a person learn and increase concentration. Relieve anxiety, stress and tension. Green fluorite: Green fluorite has the energy to stabilize emotions, and is the first choice for people with upset thoughts. In addition, green fluorite can also clean the gas field, which can achieve the purpose of transshipment. #Olivine (Olivine) 4mm The beautiful peridot exudes a captivating charm, which helps to strengthen its aura and enhance its energy. It is a good artifact to ward off evil and avoid evil. The Egyptians called peridot "a gem of the sun". I believe it has the power of the sun, and the person wearing it can eliminate the fear at night. The peridot "August Birthstone" symbolizes gentle wisdom, happiness and happiness, family harmony and career success, and brings good luck to the wearer. Help to increase the lucky index, a lot of good luck, improve interpersonal relationships, easy to get help from the noble. " Metal Material" Brass vacuum gold plating (high color retention and low sensitivity) ::::: Brass Vacuum Gold Plated Ornaments ::::: 1. Vacuum gold plating does not use chemicals, does not cause damage to the environment, is naturally safe for the human body, and is a green environmental protection process. 2. No harm to the operator, the plating layer is firm, the film layer is dense, the uniform corrosion resistance and the wear resistance are high, so it is very clean and environmentally friendly gold plating technology. 3. Vacuum plating has long color retention time, is not easy to fade, and is environmentally friendly. (Generally, the vacuum color retention plating time can reach more than one year) 4. Even if the gloss color fades with long-term use, it can be repaired and restored by using the brass jewelry maintenance method because the background color is brass metal. "Instructions for the purchase of goods" 1. The processed natural stone matched with beauty is marked with the words "Natural stone processing optimization" after the name of the product natural stone. We have undergone professional inspection before purchasing natural stone. However, the counterfeit technology in the market is constantly improving, and we are also working hard to check it. If there is a problem of counterfeiting found in genuine natural stones with marked efficacy, we will be fully responsible, and there are also physical stores to make customers buy more at ease. 2. It is impossible to buy natural stone jewelry with the same color and crystallization. Each stone will be different. There will be some ice cracks. There is no obvious mineral deficiency. The size of the beads is slightly different. Please think twice. 3. Strictly select strong and durable elastic thread, which can be loosened for more than one year under normal use, unless the external force is easy to break the thread, please wear it with confidence. 4. The photos are taken in kind, and there will be slight error due to angle relationship, light relationship, and brightness of personal computer screen. 5. The goods are sent out about 2-5 days after payment, excluding holidays. 6. In midomodo, the store's bracelets, bracelets, and necklaces are accompanied by a warranty card, and the products with the warranty card have a six-month warranty period (please read the warranty card for details of other warranty information). "Adding a Beautiful Gift Box" https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50065235267_3891aba818_b.jpg Add purchase link --> https://www.pinkoi.com/product/bxGTDx6M?category=8 "Commodity Service" In addition to receiving defective products, "return shipping" must be paid for returns for other reasons. (Inquiries can be made through private messages in this store. Or refer to the following "Contact Information" for inquiries and return information.) "Contact Information" [Facebook] modomodo jewelry design [Instagram] modomodo2013 [Official LINE] @kes1267o (@ must be added)


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