Apple girl wool felt gold bag

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Cute Apple sister, blushing with shyness~!


Apple girl wool felt gold bag


· The wool felt is completely handmade, each work is unique, and the style of each person's production is also different · The production principle is to use pressure to make the wool fibers tightly entangled and become solid (needle felt and wet felt), which is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Due to the production cost and long working hours, the unit price is sometimes higher than that of ordinary handmade products. · Welcome to Madame Wool’s daily Instagram to watch the daily activities, including some healing videos of the production process · Mrs. Wool’s works are characterized by durable and solid (high hardness), smooth surface, colorful, cute and funny, and Japanese style. Welcome to the market to buy them. ☑ You can put change and keys ☑ Comes with a key ring (can be hung on the bag) ☑ The diameter of the mouthpiece is about 8 cm ☑ Customizable color style ★The surface of the gold bag will be coated with protective glue due to frequent collisions and frictions (to reduce fluffing and have a protective effect) ★The gold bag has been shaped, it is recommended to be hung on the outside of the bag as a pendant. If it is to be placed inside the bag, it is recommended to place the top layer to avoid deformation ★If the shape is not ideal after using for a long time, you can soak the gold bag with cold water + soap by hand and gently scrub (avoid the gold metal part of the opening), then shape the bag with your hands or objects, and then dry it naturally or with a fan ● Please understand that all wool felts are purely handmade, and there will be many traces of handwork, which is time-consuming and not all the same ● Urgent items are not accepted, but you can ask for the specified date. The average working day is about 3-5 weeks, and the working day will be extended according to the market and the number of orders (please do not urge, thank you for your patience) ● Handwork will not be 100% perfect, as 100% is the same, don’t pick faults, think twice about perfectionism ● If you want to customize, please private message, copyrighted goods, pets, and other works of wool felt authors are not accepted ● The color will be slightly different due to mobile phone and personal perception, please don’t order if you mind ● Hand-made products need to be treated with care and gentleness. Do not use force to pull and rub to cause damage ● In response to environmental protection and plastic reduction, some packaging materials will be used for waste or secondary use, try to reduce disposable materials, perfectionists please think twice ● If you need a gift, you can also purchase an exclusive iron box for Mrs. Wool (with a transparent sticker) ● Hand-made products do not accept seven-day unconditional return, exchange and refund. If you have any problems with the received products, please discuss privately ● Commodities have a one-year warranty service, if there is non-man-made damage within one year, free repairs (please upload photos for evaluation) ● If you need "refurbishment" or "replacement of metal fittings" for the purchased goods, you can tell that it is free for the first time (buyers need to bear the round-trip shipping or hand in the market) ● The price of wool felt will be adjusted from time to time due to factors such as material cost and workmanship, please forgive me The above conditions are acceptable before placing an order (^ω^) ★ Maintenance method of wool felt If there is dirt, it is recommended to wash with cold water "gently" by hand (alkaline soap or shampoo) immediately to avoid deformation or shrinkage. Do not use a washing machine. Do not use a brush to wash. After washing, let it dry naturally, and remember not to dry In order to avoid shrinkage, wool felt is a natural fabric. It is normal for long-term use to produce small hair balls due to friction. You can trim it with small scissors. You can also use a medium-low temperature iron to make the surface smoother. ★Wool felt will be more frizzy after using it for a long time. In addition to buying a needle and repairing it yourself, you can also apply diluted white glue on the surface. If you have other circumstances, you can ask privately.


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