Chunfang Fuhua. Year of the Rat Limited Gift Box [Dachun Refined Soap DACHUN]

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  • GW限定!【5/12までアプリ新規会員登録限定】はじめてのお買いもので最大1,000円OFF!(注意事項
  • 2021/5/19 12pmまで、¥ 4,060以上お買い上げで ¥ 410 引き、¥ 8,120以上お買い上げで ¥ 820 引き、¥ 12,170以上お買い上げで ¥ 1,220 引き、¥ 16,230以上お買い上げで ¥ 1,630 引き、¥ 20,290以上お買い上げで ¥ 2,030 引き
  • 5/1-5/31【5月アジアセレクション】海外の単一ショップで 5,000円 以上(送料除く)のご購入で送料400円 OFF(お一人様一回まで)。注意事項
  • 4/29-5/8【母の日特集】3,000円以上(送料除く)ご購入で250円OFF(全商品対象)




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Spring is full of gardens, flowers are rich and wealthy; Lucky Fortune Rats bring you gold with two thousand two thousand to give you a fragrance full of spring, and celebrate the new year of blessings!


Chunfang Fuhua. Year of the Rat Limited Gift Box [Dachun Refined Soap DACHUN]


_________________________________ Chunfang Fuhua. Year of the Rat Gift Box Spring Fortune Gift Box _________________________________ "Chunfang Fuhua" Chunguang melts through the window house, Peony flowers blooming in the garden; Fang Huazai, the new year of Gengzi, Fushu Yingcai is getting started. _________________________________ The warm spring light spilled from the window Wealthy flowers bloom wildly In the breeze With the new year slowly swaying In the air Perfumed with the fragrance of spring _________________________________ ✥ Lucky Fortune Soap "Prayers and Blessings of the Year of the Rat" Carefully nourishes golden olive oil Blended green tea whitening factor Cleanses the skin while moisturizing With mysterious oriental notes Exudes calm energy Application | Neutral Muscle Features | Clean skin Main ingredients | Palm kernel oil, palm oil, glycerin, shea butter, olive oil, green tea extract Remarks | There are two types of Zhaocai Fushu soap binding rope wire, which are randomly configured according to the production, so you cannot choose when you order. Thank you for your understanding. ✥ Gold ingot soap "Quiet atmosphere of ancient Tibetan ingots" Carefully selected natural organic shea butter Moisturizes and nourishes the skin Harmony of Silent Sandalwood Presenting the atmosphere of ancient Tibetan ingots Application | Neutral Muscle Features | Clean skin Main ingredients | SODIUM PALM KERNELATE, SODIUM PALMITATE, SODIUM STEARATE, SODIUM LAURATE, SANDALWOOD, ORGANIC SHEA BUTTER, GLYCERIN ✥ Gua Yan Yue color cleansing soap "Grandma's Secret of Beauty" Freshly picked cucumber extract Rich in delicate water-locking molecules, easily absorbed by skin Unique formula for dry muscles Makes facial skin delicate and elastic Application | Dry Muscle Features | Clean and moisturize facial skin Main ingredients | Palm oil, amino acids, organic shea butter, sweet almond oil, wormwood powder, cucumber extract, herbal plant extract ✥ Daocheng time. Classic Tea Soap "The Ancient Rhyme" Meticulously grind Taiwanese oolong tea Its leaves are rich in polyphenols and vitamin C Helps remove dead skin cells Makes skin soft and elastic Fresh Extract Alpine Green Tea Essence Rich catechins help beauty and beauty Application | Neutral Muscle Features | Gentle removal of skin keratin Main ingredients | Palm oil, rice germ oil, organic shea butter, avocado oil, tea powder, green tea extract _________________________________ Contents | Lucky Fortune Soap, Gold Ingot Soap, Gua Yan Yue Color Cleansing Soap, Classic Tea Extract Soap / One Entry Weight | 90g x 1 / 100g x 2 / 120g x 1 Gift box size | 24 x 25.2 x 7.8 cm; with Dachun classic kraft paper bag * 1 Precautions | If the skin is unwell, please suspend the use; please keep it out of the reach of young children to avoid ingestion Manufacturing Origin | Taiwan * Remind you that if the order contains gift box goods, please confirm whether you have selected the "home delivery" method before sending the statement! | Please note before ordering | The product volume of the gift box is relatively large and has exceeded the delivery and pickup specifications of the convenience store, so the delivery method is limited to [home delivery] delivery. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you!


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