Health and summer flowers | crimson winter flowers / Christmas / New Year potted flowers ‧ table flowers -Rouge-immortal flowers / not withered flowers

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Health and summer flowers | crimson winter flowers / Christmas / New Year potted flowers ‧ table flowers -Rouge-immortal flowers / not withered flowers


**Rouge** Crimson, a winter glass of Bordeaux, is the most favorite lipstick in the cosmetic bag To roses, ping-pong chrysanthemum, with blue-purple celery and three colors hydrangea With some fantastic winter colors, is a personality but not insolent flower ceremony __Product Description__ Size: Height with the flower about 12 ~ 13cm Floral (size): Wooden (12x12x6cm) Description of flowers: Japanese imports do not withered roses, ping-pong chrysanthemum, hydrangeas and leaves, dried fruits (natural color, staining) __Please understand before buying:__ - All leaves must be hand-fixed with wire and flower tape, which requires a longer production period. - The designer will do its best to achieve the same picture as the published picture. However, the configuration and angle of the flowers may be slightly different for each production. The flowers may also be adjusted due to seasonal factors or insufficient supply. - We will choose good quality flowers, but immortal flowers / dried flowers for natural materials, the shape of different sizes, it is inevitable that natural defects, please entertain. - Shipping Packing: Based on the environmental protection and cherishing the heart, we will try to reuse the carton and the packing material to avoid the waste of resources, hope you can support and understand. We will pack the protective goods carefully. However, the leaves or petals may still drop during transportation. If there is any serious damage such as crushing, crushing, etc., please contact the designer. __About immortal flowers / not withered flowers__ Preserved Flowers is the use of special technology to fresh dew flower decolorization, re-dyeing processing, the price is higher than the flowers, but the eternal flower flowers keep the texture, and in the appropriate environment for long-term preservation, More suitable as a flower ceremony or home life floral. - Eternal flowers / dried flowers do not need watering, please do not place in wet or direct sunlight environment. Under normal circumstances, immortalized flowers can be stored for 1 to 2 years or more, the color will gradually fade but will not fade; dry flowers can usually be stored for six months to one year. - To clean immortalized flowers, gently wipe the dust off with a dry brush / brush, without wipes or sprays any detergent. - Moisture will make immortal flower petals slightly transparent, please dehumidify the humidity can be gradually restored. - Sometimes the dark leaves are contaminated by friction / moisture, avoid prolonged contact with clothing. Designers will consider the configuration of shades of flowers in advance, but it is also normal for light-colored flowers to become contaminated with prolonged contact with dark-colored leaves. __About [Saison Floral Design]__ Life as summer flowers From Tagore's poem "Let life be beautiful like summer flowers", this is a small flower studio, each piece is the moment of the present moment of beauty, the changing seasons, the daylight flow. Let us convey this beautiful flower ceremony. Origin / manufacturing methods Japan mainly imported flowers, Taiwan design and manufacturing


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