Coconut Folding Light-Warm warm light

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-Portable folding design -Natural non-toxic silicone elastic lampshade -Efficient power saving LED four-segment light source -Environmentally friendly Micro USB standard charging specifications -Waterproof design for more applications



Coconut Folding Light-Warm warm light

商品説明 **MOGICS Coconut︱ Folding Folding Lights-Have you seen any lights that can be folded?** This is a folding lamp that you have never seen before. It has high portability and can adapt to all environments. Light can always bring people a feeling of positive, positive, warmth, peace of mind, healing and comfort. Have you ever felt this way? When our body and mind are exhausted, just a warm light can relieve our fatigue and bring about change. There will always be some important moments in life, do you also want to turn your memories into eternal memories? This time we want to design a very cool light that can not only illuminate the room, but also change the surrounding atmosphere. It affects the mood and environment, and more importantly, this lamp should be very interesting, easy to carry and suitable for giving away. This is the MOGICS Coconut folding light. **MOGICS Coconut Folding Folding Light-Warm Warm Light** **Eight design features** 1. Portable folding design ▲Taipei, Kaohsiung, Tokyo, Shanghai, Singapore, New York, Paris.. Run everywhere. It's so convenient~ 2. Flexible lampshade design (not broken) ▲ Occasionally a small accident? Don't worry! Using natural non-toxic silicone lampshade pets, children can play with it! 3. Hidden switch design ▲ The four-stage hidden switch of the light source can be switched by pressing the sphere, which combines the classical atmosphere of the lamp and the fashion of technology!! 4.USB charging design ▲Using a convenient USB charging mode, connect any USB charger to supplement power for the folding lights. Fill up, take away, and have fun! 5. Automatic air intake design ▲ Adopting a special valve design that is easy to enter and difficult to exit, it can also use atmospheric pressure to automatically enter the air in about 8-15 minutes to restore the shape of the sphere when it is standing still. 6. Tumbler design ▲Using the design principle of three-point setting, the folding lamp can always be maintained in a perfect state. 7. Extra long charging cable ▲ The 243cm long charging cable is not a problem for homes, stores, event decorations, etc.! 8. Waterproof design ▲ The thoughtful waterproof design can add more applications to the folding lamp **Four ways to play with Mogics Coconut** A. Contextual change ▲ Have you heard of the theory of "Spontaneous Combustion" of Atmospheric Force? The ability to master the atmosphere can seize more opportunities for success! B. Relieving small objects ▲ Out of inspiration? Let your head relieve the pressure? C. Playing in the water ▲ Want to have an unforgettable party? The thoughtful design of the folding lights allows you to have more applications D. Hang anywhere ▲ Blackout? Camping? Personal lights? Folding lights can make you feel very atmospheric~ **Assembly of MOGICS Coconut folding lights** **More contextual applications** ▲ Let every important moment... turn into an eternal memory... ▲ Want to change your life that remains unchanged? ▲ How many applications can you bring to you as many idea Mogics Coconuts ▲ How many applications can you bring to you as many idea Mogics Coconuts Product specifications ▲ The continuous lighting time of the warm light varies from 1.5 to 8 hours depending on the brightness of use. ▲ The color temperature of warm lights & colorful lights (the colorful lights use RGB to adjust 100% brightness, and the lighting time is about 1.5~2 hours) How to store MOGICS Coconut It's so small!! Product specifications Commodity standard equipment MOGICS Coconut Light-body X1 Mirco USB charging cable X1 Sealing sticker X1 Charm rope X1 Travel Pouch X1 Product specifications Size: 14.5cm in diameter Folding size: 12.5cm (equal side) X5cm (thickness) Weight: 230g Precautions 1. The waterproof function of this product is only suitable for freshwater environment. Do not use it continuously in water for more than three hours to avoid damage to the waterproof layer and cause the waterproof function to fail. 2. After using the waterproof function of this product, please separate the components to air dry, and make sure that the product is dry before charging to avoid damage to the product. 3. Abnormal use and damp storage methods may cause damage to the waterproof layer and product damage if mold occurs. Please be careful. 4. New products cannot be returned or exchanged after being exposed to water. 5. The lampshade is made of natural non-toxic silicone. Due to the characteristics of the silicone material, the folding time should not exceed 8 hours to avoid stress marks. 6. Please place products and accessories in places where infants and young children cannot easily obtain them. 7. DM color or photo shooting will have some errors due to light and shadow changes, the color is subject to the actual product. 8. If the product copywriting or specifications are incorrect, please refer to the actual product and the information published by the original manufacturer. 9. Please note that the hesitation period is not a trial period. If you have received the goods after inspection, please do not open them and use them, and handle the return in accordance with the return regulations.