Ethereal girl's confession Korean confession bouquet preferred eternal bouquet dry bouquet Valentine's Day bouquet

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Ethereal girl's confession Korean confession bouquet preferred eternal bouquet dry bouquet Valentine's Day bouquet


I want to design a bouquet of flowers. Is clean and innocent is pure and ethereal So I added a little bit of powder, a light, comfortable sweet, about two cents of sugar. Just like when I was a child, I imagined the cute little elves in nature. She is very white Thoroughly white but with a little powder to fly in the forest The body is contaminated with a little forest 🌿 She is the protagonist living freely. ❣️If there are more than two bouquets, the need to separate the orders ❣️ "A bunch of flowers and one order" 喔~ Thank you. It is a small gift that Valentine’s Day can also buy to send a girlfriend😍 Sometimes casual surprises can capture the hearts of girls. . Shipping schedule|No remarks I want the delivery date to be sent "3-7 days" . Shipping schedule|Please also pay attention to small pollen! All the products in the store are handmade. I can’t receive the order today. Please feel free to ask. Thank you. /size/ *Since the photographs are all focused on the bouquet, it is not a "people-focused" shot, so please use the public score as a reference value. If you take photos as a reference, you will enlarge the proportion of the bouquet too much!* . Super-commercial bouquets are about 40-45 . Home delivery bouquet height is about 50-55 |How to save | Dry flowers should not be exposed to the sun, do not touch the water, and can be placed in a cool place for more than two years to more than three years, depending on the environmental conditions. Dry flowers are damp and mildew, please wipe with alcohol If the dust is sticky, please use a hair dryer to modulate the low temperature and low wind speed. |How to ship| Use anti-collision Sydney paper to protect the packaging, or add Hanfeng transparent bag to the store. In addition to gifts and self-use, it can minimize the collision and damage during transportation. / Need to know before buying / - The photo is taken in real time, but due to the hand-made and flower pattern, the product cannot be guaranteed to be exactly the same. - The dry flower itself is fragile, and it is inevitable that a little flower will fall off when unpacking. Super perfectionists should consider carefully placing the order again. - Because the flowers are seasonal, if they are out of stock, we will design the appropriate flowers for you in the same color and overall appearance. - Dry flowers and eternal flowers are natural materials. When transporting, it is inevitable that there will be collisions and a little drop. We will try our best to properly protect the goods. - If you have any questions about the product, please do not rush to give a bad review. We will handle it as soon as possible after contacting us.


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