[Praise plus code to ship after Mother's Day] Queen Mother Joy Free Shipping Set [Limited Edition]

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★ Google’s 4.8 stars are highly praised and the Internet is super popular with ChizUP! ★ This year’s Mother’s Day, let my mother’s mother and queen be double delicious! Following the formula of a century-old private house in New York, the queen loves sweet and sour blueberry cheese + Baby1873 New York classic extra thick cheese, with the phrase "love you" to eat, to ensure that the queen will be happy for a whole year!​


690g x 1



[Praise plus code to ship after Mother's Day] Queen Mother Joy Free Shipping Set [Limited Edition]


**[Precautions for Shipping]** 1. All shipments will be shipped frozen by Black Cat TA-Q-BIN 2. Due to the large number of black cat deliveries before Mother's Day,**not accept delivery on designated dates/specified time periods. If there is a expected delivery date, please note when placing the order. We will do our best to arrange it, but delivery The delivery time will be based on the volume and route of the week before the Black Cat Driver’s Mother’s Day. There is no guarantee that the goods will arrive on the specified date. Please forgive me!** 3. For those who complete the order and payment before 5/2 (Sun) 23:59, the delivery will be arranged between 5/5 (Wed) and 5/8 (Sat). 4. For those who complete the order and payment between 5/2 (Sun) 24:00-5/10 23:50, the delivery will be arranged on 5/14 (Fri)-5/15 (Saturday). **★ Google 4.8 stars are very well-received and the Internet is super popular with ChizUP!** **★ 2021 Mother's Day high-profile show love first choice** **★ Recipe from a century-old store in New York + carefully selected ingredients + 20% sugar reduction and 15% fat reduction** **★ Suitable for lactostin** **★ Depending on the time of order completion, it will be shipped by Black Cat Low Temperature Courier Service before and after Mother's Day. For details, please refer to the following [Precautions for Shipping]** The popular cheesecake brand ChizUP!, has always been good at using creative branding design to turn super delicious cheesecake into a high-value celebration highlight with its own topic. Last year’s Mother’s Day cake set a two-week sales record and will be launched again this year [ The queen loves cheesecake], and playfully sends the seemingly ordinary but most sincere prayer to the queen, I hope my mother will always be safe, healthy and blessed! **【Mother Queen Joy Free Shipping Set】Includes:** 1 sweet and sour blueberry cheese 1 piece of Baby 1873 New York Classic Extra Thick Cheese **[Combined taste description]** **Empress Aibo (Sweet and Sour Blueberry Cheese)** The ripe blueberries meet the thick cheese, the natural fruit flavor teases the tip of the tongue, and the mellowness of the heavy cheese evokes an endless aftertaste of sweet and sour love. **Baby 1873 New York Classic Extra Thick Cheese** The classic flavors of famous New York stores for more than 100 years, the luxurious high-quality cheese, the rich and slightly sour flavor, and the dense and solid taste, have created the culinary legend of New York from the 19th century to the present. **Product specifications** Empress Aibo (Sweet and Sour Blueberry Cheese) __weight__: 500 g ± 10 g of __size__: long width cake 14.5cm, adapted to share 5-8 Baby 1873 New York Classic Extra Thick Cheese __weight__: 190 g ± 10 g of __size__: width 12 x length cake 6cm, suitable twin sharing **【Specialty Ingredients】** **Australia TATURA Premium Cream Cheese** Cream cheese is the soul of cheesecake. It is designated as Australia’s TATURA’s top cream cheese (Cream Cheese), originating from the Goulburn Valley in Victoria, which has a pleasant climate and pure water source. The fresh milk produced by dairy cows produces cream cheese with fine texture and milk. The mellow aroma and stable quality make it very suitable for making cheesecakes. **New Zealand "Westgold" Master Series Unsalted Cream** The source of milk comes from the Canterbury Plain on the west coast of the South Island. Due to the abundant rainfall in the natural barrier of the mountains, the cows graze and feed the pastures, the dairy products retain the fresh natural milk fragrance, and the traditional mixing method (Fritz Churn) is used to produce the highest quality without artificial additives. Preservative cream, rich flavor and golden color, soft and smooth texture. **PREGEL Premium Blueberry Sauce** Italian PREGEL is the world's top professional ice cream & baking ingredients brand. The premium blueberry jam is made from specially selected raw blueberry fruits, with the berries retaining the rich sweetness and sourness of the berries. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51098291019_3f651418f8_b.jpg https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51098291029_4e9f4fec01_b.jpg https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51098207166_80b941f590_b.jpg https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51098306012_0f835571d3_b.jpg https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51098306037_6533ba9668_b.jpg


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