Home Solutions Single Chair

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Created by the Dutch designer Raymond Davids, it is inspired by nature and incorporates subtle elements of life. It chal


Home Solutions Single Chair


[brand story] Raymond Davids, a Dutch designer who loves the unique culture of Indonesia, is deeply fascinated with the traditional and delicate craftsmanship of old houses and old furniture, as well as the old teak wood that has been fashioned and matured with unique wood grain, and is full of vitality and stories. The elements, blending modern, simple elements, are sculpted in elaborate and elaborate processes to create brand new furniture with many years of age stories and modern Metro Loft images. Original design and teak furniture full of soul, D-Bodhi's works quickly swept the world and won many awards one after another. With Aware, Awake and Alive as their own expectations, Raymond Davids hopes to awaken the true essence of life through the natural, unpretentious beauty of D-Bodhi's furniture, allowing space owners to freely create their own living space. The concept of practical life aesthetics and environmental protection, together with the international non-profit organization Trees4Trees, initiated the forest restoration program and actively maintained the environmental ecology of the earth with practical actions. 【Product desciption】 Created by the Dutch designer Raymond Davids, it is inspired by nature and incorporates subtle elements of life. It challenges the limits of the material again and again. It transforms the old teak mottled and weathered traces into a precious time page for people to rediscover old teak charms. The color and wonderful life process. [Size and specification] - Length: 48 cm - Width: 35 cm - Height: 48 cm * Please note: The dimensional error range is ±1 to 2 centimeters in the normal range. [material] - Recycling old teak - Recycling iron 【Origin】 - Indonesia [About solid wood furniture] Each piece of solid wood furniture is a unique piece of art. The wood knot, wood grain change, and wood color depth of logs are all natural representations of their materials. It will change with time and use habits, in addition to the color will be more mellow, leaving traces of use will also be your most precious memories. 【Old Teak】 As an extremely precious raw material, from houses, bridges, ships, and old teak wood, there are traces of nail holes, scars, etc., which is the proof of the authenticity of the source and the traces of history. 【Special Note】 Colors have been adjusted to the same level as real products, but each computer's screen display is not the same, please consider clearly and then subscript. 【Store introduction】 Mountain Living respects natural and casual attitudes to life. We believe that nature, pure material, is a new trend of life that is symbiotic to the environment. I hope that in the busy and compact life, with the original design of the log furniture, The top boutique sofas in Italy that adhere to the taste of art and life, meticulous European home furnishings, The creative dining porcelain of the Michelin-starred restaurant is full of creative and exquisite craftsmanship. A century-old European classic fragrance soap, European designer accessories and stationery with both rationality and humor. Combining professional and modulated coffee into a composite lifestyle brand, integrating design, art, culture and humanistic tastes. Create a pure, natural and comfortable atmosphere for the home space and create a new and unique new life aesthetics. Origin / manufacturing methods Indonesia


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