Cork leather tableware bag

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Cork leather cutlery bag can be fashionable to love the earth


Cork leather tableware bag


Ever watched a polar bear video? Or plastic bags, tin cans, wastes, and various items thrown into the sea by humans that should not have appeared in the blue sea have all become deadly food for underwater creatures. Carrying cutlery bags with you is not an act of pretendness or appearance, but an environmentally friendly act that should have come from the bottom of your heart. This cutlery bag is made of green cork leather, with excellent water resistance, friction resistance and non-fading, multi-capacity design. Develop a good habit of environmental protection and love the earth. One day, the earth will give us the most substantial feedback. And we must love nature, love ourselves, and love the earth. :) 【Product desciption】 Washable environmental protection tableware bag, the fabric uses green cork leather, high water resistance. Can be washed, abrasion-resistant, and does not fade. This fabric belongs to the natural cork pattern, so the cutting and making of each piece are different, but they are guaranteed to come from the same fabric. #After washing, dry it in the shade. Do not directly dry it. [Size description] There are 5 levels of compartments, you can put 23cm chopsticks, spoons, forks and so on. Expanded size: 24cm high, 15.5cm wide] Cleaning method: dry by hand after washing **Product does not include tableware** The outer disc can be customized lettering, Word limit: 2 words in Chinese, 6 words in English Color: blue, yellow, red, three colors. [Please be sure to fill in the "steel seal" or "handwriting" when placing an order. Copy the following format and fill in the requirements in the remarks column. If not specified, the designer will write the lettering in the most suitable position. 】 [Steel font selection] Stamp: Capital letters (6mm, 4mm, 3mm.) Steel seal: block letters (6mm), grass numbers (4mm) Stamp: Grass letters (6mm, case sensitive. Capitalize the first letter of the name) Steel seal: various small patterns, please refer to the picture number. Handwriting: case sensitive, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, special symbols, etc. can be written for you. example: [Engraved font]: steel 6mm block letters [Marking content]: LIS LEASTER61 + small pattern number 53 [Location]: Not specified example: [Font]: Grass letters 6mm + grass numbers 4mm [Content]: 2019 LIS LEATHER [Location]: Center example: [Font] handwriting 【Content】 Yuei Lin [Position] Right bottom corner of wallet example: [Font]: grass letters 【content】: [Position]: Long clip front centered The products after the lettering are customized, and cannot be returned or exchanged. @Goods After placing an order online, if the buyer has no other notes and message descriptions such as lettering content, the product will be sent immediately after the completion; the seller will no longer ask if there is a service that requires lettering. [Note] The steel stamps are printed one by one by hand. It cannot be as neat and tidy as the machine engraved. It may be skewed and uneven. If you care about workmanship, it is recommended that you do not use steel stamp lettering. You can purchase it separately. Laser lettering service. [Laser lettering photo reference] [Laser Plus Store] [About Ben Leather Workshop LIS] Leather In Sun-Sun comes from the owner's name "Yang". The purpose of this store is the leather work itself. Let those who like hand-made work convey our design philosophy, and can also feel the temperature of handmade leather creation. Our store is honored to be awarded the “Pingtung Good Things” selection list in 2017. It has set up a physical store in Pingtung City for more than 15 years. If you have any questions after purchase, you can return it to our store for repair. [Precautions before buying] Store goods are shot under natural light during the day, but because each computer and mobile phone display settings, resolution, hue, and brightness are different, there is a cognitive color difference. If buyers who are very concerned about color difference, please consider carefully , You can also use the private message on the site to ask questions. If you want us to take more product photos for reference, we will serve you wholeheartedly. @The leather itself has natural patterns and natural scars, which are all natural phenomena. @The same leather will also have some differences in color and hardness. @ Perfectionists do not place orders or use private messages to inquire. [Maintenance method] @Natural leather will gradually become darker due to the sun, time, and usage, and the color change will vary from person to person. @If the product is not used often, please place it in a dry and ventilated place as much as possible. @ For general maintenance, please use leather maintenance oil, apply a small amount evenly on the surface, and wait for the leather oil to be completely absorbed before storing or continuing to use. [Manufacturing origin] Taiwan [Steel pattern reference]


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