Fighters Canvas Bag - Dual / Navy FOB (Ocean Blue)

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Fighters Canvas Bag - Dual / Navy FOB (Ocean Blue)


**Fighters Canvas Bag - Dual / Navy FOB (Ocean Blue)** **GHOST SHOP Canvas Bag_** Navy Fortune with bright ocean blue Show the vitality of sunny summer Super suitable to go back to the seaside holiday! ✎ The pocket is supplied with a bronze buckle design ✎2Way design can be back and back Shoulder straps can be stored in the bag Back up and look good ✎ There are intimate pouch in the bag, easy to put into small items (Can be placed in i6plus size of the items) ✎ Inside PVC coating, perfect waterproof! ✔✔✔ The whole bag to take the water is not afraid of wet things # Beach essential # Navy Fu Bao exclusive ✩ texture upgrade ✩ Using Taiwan Far East textile yarn Material for high pounds of light on canvas The use of the initial fabric texture are more normal The use of multiple or after the fabric will be more soft and natural The details of the lathe, insisted not sloppy From the pro-election materials with the factory back and forth to discuss the discussion As well as the bag-type version of the design to the pattern screen printing Adjust the master again and again needle needle details Even a small copper buckle accessories also have our insistence Every canvas bag comes from the old master of Taiwan's intentions For us Full of healing illustrations bring life to a small fortune But the combination of texture and creation is to have a holistic Believe that the brand it is not just the brand Growth and endurance began at the request Every creation has our attitude Expect yourself to work harder Material | Stained Cotton Canvas / 14A (oz) Bag size | W33xH37cm Shoulder strap length | 55cm Strap length | 100cm Made in Taiwan Note: Because each screen color is slightly different, the color of goods according to the entity, if any questions please ask Oh! Designed by Ghost Shop Made in Taiwan / Designer and brand profile / Ghost Shop x, a French Bulldog as the theme of the illustrator creation brand, we think the dog is the world's most humorous and lovely animals, fascinated by the fighting dog's expression, action, fat body, small G legs, Pig cry ... good at the pen under the fighting dog expression and life combined with the show in the creation, and illustrations designed a series of fighting patterns of the surrounding goods.


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