"Classic Line hand ring series" American 14K gold (14KGF) - Aurora Second Edition line ring

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"Classic Line hand ring series" American 14K gold (14KGF) - Aurora Second Edition line ring


☞☞__**suggest that guests select your ring size, measure the size of an existing ring more accurate measurement refers to the cord around the big error. But please do not directly choose the old VIP ring size, ring size because there are many, there may be around the ring with the international standard classification of different problems caused by dimensional variations. Under orders before the trouble, please re-measure the size of the inner diameter of the ring and then control into an international ring circumference size**. Since the Ring Design Hall are all custom orders and the material in the production of a shape, there is no way to provide modification and replacement sizes, distinguished guests before the next one must first be sure to confirm your ring size, thank you for your (bow). **__

✔ international control ring around ☞ http://www.yume.com.tw/p_story/ringsize.pdf . (**This page provides data only and does not recommend the use of A-2. Methods of measurement and B provided internally.**)

/ Classic Line ring handle series Special Notes /
☑**This is not a neat cut quartz, the shape of each of the pieces have different sizes differences are random shipments do not pick models, please accept further orders, thank you.**
☑ ring size is smaller than the allowable error bracelet, but because, like handmade, so inevitably small error (error usually less than 0.1 cm), there is no perfect size if orders received also invited VIP considerate. Please also order when you want to carefully select the size, easy cord measurement error, it is recommended to take an existing ring will be the most accurate measurement.
☑ feel wire ring charm lies**traces of hand and uneven**If perfectionist VIP caution order.
☑ a ring shape of each natural stone, texture, size, and hand-made signs will not be the same.
☑**Make sure before the next one to read the note before purchase, thank you.**

Product Number K16G05F04

"Classic Line ring handle design series memorandum"
The second edition of the feel of natural stone ring produced a line! The new website is no longer selling the original line ring, the original high desktop rendering method into inserts, multi-winding design of edging, improve hand-made aesthetic level . In addition, this revision in line ring wear when activity is more convenient, less worry on the pendant ring will fall off.
The second edition of the feel of the ring line, adding more different charms, so choose more yuan, with hands as we enjoy and feel the temperature of charm together!

"Notes on American 14K gold"
1/20 14K Gold Filled, abbreviated 14K GF, 1/20 on behalf of the gold content of 5% by weight of the total, 14KGF mean forging 14K gold, that is, under high temperature and pressure conditions, 14K gold forging metal bead, the forging of gold surface hardness, high wear resistance combined with strong and not easy to lose gold texture.

The so-called 14K gold, represents a component in 58.5% (14/24) of gold, and 41.5% (10/24) of other metals. So gold Note product 14K gold layer contains about 10/24 other metals. These metals have different ingredients and proportions, it will cause color, so different parts of the bet or different production batches may be a slight color difference.

US production 14K gold note, there is a certain gold content (5%), try to avoid hitting the chemical volatile substances like perfume. When the case of sweat, sebum, make-up powder, etc. These will darken oxidation performance, especially in the summer season of sweating, it is recommended on a regular basis with a neutral detergent, scrub gently with a small toothbrush will return to light, and so can not be wash dirty very dark, you may not be able to reply.

NOTE gold products with K gold texture, easy to sensitization, but each person allergic constitution and degree of personal status in accordance with the time of purchase please state choice.

✔ hardness plus upgrades available: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/5oBRFiW5?category=2

/ Product Information /
▲ Dimensions
International Ring around the # 3 to # 16
Other international ring around ☞ international ring around # 17 to # 24 are subject to material costs NT.50, trouble go to these stores to buy extra https://www.pinkoi.com/product/WOsfaWpD?category=2 , Thank you .

▲ Material
NOTE US 14K gold
Plating color quartz

▲ packaging
Postharvest simple dispensing uniform packaging, if demand Please complete packing when ordering remarks. The price range for the control of classical line ring series of products, not on the boxed set,**if the upgrade package (box) needs, please contact us for additional purchase separately.**

/ Number of days /
▲**urgent note!**
Please read before the next one the number of days goods carefully. Is urgent or have any questions about the shipping time of trouble, please contact us. Orders after the note is urgent, we will deal with late Oh!

▲ commodity production
Product Design Hall are all custom orders, after the payment has counted the number of days (after the payment is completed every other day for the first working day basis).
Because are all handmade normally takes about waiting does not include holidays and national holidays 3-7 business days (excluding shipping time).

▲ delivery of goods
Usually the island of Taiwan Delivery Time:
Registered mail about 2-3 days, the stores can pick up for about two days, some remote areas may be served 3-5 days.

Africa and Taiwan Region Delivery Time:
In**registered mail**send, according to different destinations, different number of working days of its transport, generally sent after about 10 --14 business days for delivery (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays).

→→**before purchase orders make sure precautions ordered goods no return**←←

→ If the order, contains both pre-orders and general merchandise ordered, shipping time to pre-order-based.

After → subscript if choose custom size, please bother guests private information to contact us. Be sure to fill in your notes where required order size (cm) (size contains reserved space) when ordering, if not filled may lead to delayed product delivery time.

To modify the size of the product must be designed after receipt → pay return postage and material costs.

→ goods will be adjusted slightly depending on the length of the arrangement.

→ since the goods chosen by handmade and each person measurement different ways, so the complete size within ± 0.8 cm are normal size when ordering length provided for reference only.

→ each pearl, natural stone color shades and textures are different, there will be some small cracks or impurities, and other small flaws, there is no way as perfect as artificial mechanical made out. End production of finished products in natural stone of irregular size and shape will be the case. So it is no way to 100% like the picture exactly the same merchandise Oh!

→ because the goods are handmade so the finished product may be hand-made signs (such as knots or asymmetric situation, etc.) there is no way as perfect as machines, please careful consideration.

→ picture all goods probably because shooting light or different PC screen brightness and other factors and circumstances have chromatic aberration.

→ whether goods can cause allergic guests doubts, please do not buy Oh! Because everyone allergy situation is different, there is no way to measure.

→ La illimit'e cr'ea not sell samples, all goods are all custom goods, does not provide return and replacement services.
Origin / manufacturing methods
Taiwan handmade


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