Savory nose party bag - Black Star

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forestchild2005 ショップへ

Savory nose party bag - Black Star

I have a savory nose, so I have a smell in the world.
Laughter savory nose :)
Savory nose generous package there are new style Hello: D
Party bag has been very loved by everyone
So every time the introduction of new models
We are hoping to make a little different change
Let practical side bag
Also has a variety of lovely styles
The square package
We changed the size of the nose of the smell
Let neutral dark cloth slightly conspicuous point
Reconcile the lovely feeling
Like low-key for you
Space can accommodate as very adequate!
The thickness of the bottom of the bag is designed
You can easily put small things need to go with La
Like using durable hook rope
Suede rope back is removable and adjustment
The nose can smell out a small square package as a backpack
After the rope removed
You can also become a cosmetic :)

Simple and practical party bag
Walk out the most suitable lightweight dress!

- Size -
The shape of the bag is an inverted trapezoid
Width of about 21cm (top) 13cm (below)
Height of about 15cm
Bottom thickness 7.5cm
(Magnitude of the error in the normal range of plus or minus 0.5cm)

- A total of four generous package -
Who wanted to take out for a walk: D

+ About Package +
Each item we will use paper bags are packaged separately
The outermost layer will protect the goods in Carton
Prevent collision during transfer
(Carton irregular pattern replacement)
We do not indicate the price of goods or packaging
If you want a friend as a gift
Can rest assured :)
Because there is paper carton wrap merchandise
So we can use paper bags
As a gift packaging: D

+ Create a small description +
From product design, hand and sewing, packaging printing
Until the completion of the first product
All is produced from primary forest inside a small studio :)
Despite its small size, although only three people
But I hope each piece can make you feel full of warmth and attention :)

+ + Reminder Notes
Differences each item are all hand-made, will be a slight
It is impossible to make a completely identical second item :)

+ Wash +
Can be washed by hand, washed and dried as soon as possible please, avoid cotton becomes harder, affecting touch.

+ A small service +
Each item, the Forest School in the aftermarket offers free maintenance and cleaning services
As long as the situation is within the range we can handle, we will do our best for you to handle,
But we can not provide services to send and receive. So if a friend in need of repair and cleaning
Please sent our own sales offices, trouble Hello everyone :)

Origin / manufacturing methods
Taiwan / handmade


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