TB01 Alpine Oolong Cubic Bag Tea


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  • **【Product desciption】**
    ► Product Description
    Selected Taiwan Takayama tea, with a slight baking, so that the taste of Gan more rich.
    ► origin
    Taiwan Nantou
    ► Altitude
    1800 ~ 2400m
    ► content
    Three-dimensional tea bag 15 bags (3g / bag)
    ► Process
    Semi-fermented. Light training


    **【Xuan Ting's insistence】**

    **100% Taiwanese tea**
    Adhere to Taiwan's most exquisite taste, so that every sip, can deeply feel the natural nature of this land. Integrity, not only our commitment to consumers, but also thanks to this land.

    **Complete hand mining**
    Hand-picked the original leaves, to avoid each broken gap and rough impurities, affecting the rich level of taste, to retain the delicate and elegant aroma, passing the mountain net water taste of the net.

    **30 years of technology**
    Thirty years of time, with the years in exchange for professional. The old master of the process of perseverance and process of discouraging, the achievements of exquisite taste. With the level, telling each of the changes in spring, summer, autumn and winter, but also with the craft, touched you my perfect request.

    **Charming design**
    Calligraphy and deer, is the art and nature of the intertwined; red and white, is the integration of tradition and modern. Charming design, not only a beautiful visual presentation, is the cultural meaning of the convey, is also a unique taste of proof.

    **Lead, the so-called good**
    Wonderland, where where lead you to.


    **【Recommended brewing method】**
    **Hot bubble**
    Tea volume: tea ratio of 1: 350 (1 bags of tea with 350cc of water)
    Brewing temperature: water temperature 100 ℃
    Brewing time: can be brewed twice, the first bubble 30 ", the second bubble 45"

    **Hot ice**
    The amount of tea: 1 bags of tea with 200cc of water
    Brewing temperature: water temperature 100 ℃
    Brewing time: soak 40 "after adding ice to 350cc

    **Cold bubble**
    Tea volume: tea ratio of 1: 400 (1 bags of tea with 400cc of water)
    Brewing temperature: room temperature cold water
    Brewing time: room temperature for 1 hour; refrigerated state of 3 hours

    **Note: the degree of heat bubble and cold foam, according to personal preferences to do the time to adjust**


    **[Peace of mind]**
    ►100% hand-picked Taiwan tea
    ► Through SGS food safety testing, in full compliance with Japan and Taiwan's strict national safety standards
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    その他の国・地域US$ 17.15US$ 1.72


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TB01 Alpine Oolong Cubic Bag Tea





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