Xue Fei Yi 索比亚耶加 song Sidibe half a pound of coffee beans [X freshly baked handmade Picks]

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Xue Fei Yi 索比亚耶加 song Sidibe half a pound of coffee beans [X freshly baked handmade Picks]


**Contents:**beans / half a pound 227g

**Areas:**gallega snow Philippines Yirgacheffe

**Baking Level:**shallow baking


**Cuisine:**blooming flowers, clear fruit flavors, sweet orange, lemon, etc. Xiangjishi rich taste, sweetness middle like flowers honey, and a little sour pineapple quality, taste and level is very delicate and clean.


**Three small interest insistence**
**Hand Picks**

Good beans basically by hand harvesting, but a result of the coffee tree, all the fruit maturity time will not be identical, if unripe fruit is called off if they are immature beans, like red harvest cherry fruit in general will have the best flavor and sweetness. After harvesting the fruit will go through a series of processes, such as washing, shelling, drying ...... and so on, will become roasted coffee beans can be sent abroad. In each of the production processes raw beans have a little more or less than the bad beans mixed in with them, so before baking to view the selection of particular importance in the entire baking process, the small hand-selected interest spent the longest time, because we believe that good quality beans, the basic principles of good coffee.

**Freshly baked**

Beans like wine in general, time-ripened flavor becomes softer fluently, we called Yang beans. In general, the roasted beans will just finished with some smoky, with a one-way exhaust valve seal in the bag to prevent contact with the outside air, after 5 to 7 days after the process of raising beans, the flavor will be more mellow fluently. So just get roasted coffee beans do not rush to open, in a cool place for some time, raising beans a week after opening the package is now grinding to drink can enjoy the best taste. Little interest is also to ensure that each guest in the hands of the coffee beans are roasted fresh quality 7 days.

**House to health**

Little Fun believe beans are sensitive delicate, both in pre-baked beans, cooked beans or baked good, save all Xiangdangchongyao most appropriate environment that is cool, not hot and humid place. Little interest in baked beans just after that is loaded will be accompanied by a one-way exhaust valve bag was sealed and then packaging and shipping, if lug packages and other items will need polishing before shipment minute to make.

Origin / manufacturing methods
Taiwan hand-baked


香港 (送料着払い)


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