WOW series - hand-made silverware*accept order*<English letters, lowercase letters 5 words>

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WOW series - hand-made silverware*accept order*&lt;English letters, lowercase letters 5 words&gt;


// 💜❣**Product Description and Story**❣💜 // Dig woo ~ so cute! Dug Wu ~ is the hand made Jesus ~ Dug ~ This is what I want! ..... WOW keep casual feel Shape is hand-shaped irregular shape The surface is not as smooth as the machine repair detailed Design to keep that simple feeling Different from Charlene hand-made series of pursuit crafted Hope this little difference can make the viewer in the heart of a little "dig woo ~" "Depending on the size of the work with 16" or 18 "silver chain length, 16" or 18 "can be specified (not to be picked), please inform ~~" // 💜❣**pure English alphabet custom price list (not to specify the size, according to the actual designer-based)**❣💜 // (In English writing, you can refer to the sample picture, but the actual production can not be exactly the same, if you have any questions, please ask!) (If you need to specify the English body type, please inform us before ordering to confirm the feasibility of production, For other please provide font design) (Default first capital letters, other lowercase letters, if you want to specify the case please leave a message note) Lowercase letters 3 words, pendant single hole, $ 1680 Lowercase 4 characters, pendant double hole, $ 1780 Lower case 5 characters, pendant double hole, $ 1880 Lower case 6 characters, pendant double hole, $ 1980 Lowercase letters 7 characters, double pendant, $ 2080 Lower case 8 characters, pendant double hole, $ 2180 Lowercase 9 characters, double pendant, $ 2280 // 💜❣**English alphabets + design drawings or custom price list**❣💜 // (To provide drawings, no plans will not be orders, to avoid controversy, designers can not design on behalf of the drawing) Length + width 1cm, pendant single hole, $ 1280 Length + width 2cm, pendant single hole, $ 1480 Length + width 3cm, pendant single or double hole, $ 1680 Length + width 4cm, pendant single hole or double hole, $ 1980 Length + width 5cm, pendant single hole or double hole, $ 2280 Length + width 6cm, pendant single or double hole, $ 2580 Length + width 7cm, pendant single or double hole, $ 2880 // 💜❣**Product Description**❣💜 // _ Different from the English name of the tablet necklace, irregular lines, hand-made feeling, and another fun to play ~ _ Not cut silver plate, the surface is irregular surface _ _ Too fine, the gap is too small, too neat shape can not make _ // 💜❣**Order Description**❣💜 // If you need to confirm the picture please leave a message after the announcement, sorry for the busy work, after the next set to provide a reference sketch Oh! For inconvenience please forgive me ^^ // 💜❣**Material**❣💜 // _925 sterling silver +925 sterling silver chain _ (to maintain product autonomy, this product does not hit 925 standard) // 💜❣**Maintenance & Warranty**❣💜 // _ Wear is the best care, do not wear, be sure to use a silver polishing cloth on the attached zipper bag with the air isolated _ _ With the product attached silver polishing cloth, jewelry clip chain bag, _ Can touch the water, take a bath, but try not to touch the detergent, so as not to speed up the jewelry oxidation _ _ Attention to avoid hot water or hot spring water in the air area, may cause irreversible oxidation, hot spring oxidation / excessive oxidation can not be repaired on behalf of maintenance! _ One year to provide free maintenance of goods, maintenance, need to be returned together with the product maintenance card. (Paid postage, with attached back envelope), one year after the charge _ _The silver chain is not covered by the warranty. For maintenance purposes, a $ 200 maintenance fee or a $ 300 replacement fee (only 16 "or 18" can be specified), self-pay postage and back envelope 💜❣ //**Note**❣💜 // _ Photos due to camera conditions or screen display and a slight color difference, if uncertain, please ask the designer in advance _ _ Each piece is a designer handmade hardworking, not as machine production as neat, there will be some traces of handmade, but designers will try to make the works beautiful, hope to receive the people can feel the handmade from the jewelry ~ ~ _ _ Goods sent "a month later" will be randomly placed photos in the FB fan page, if you do not want to open pictures please inform the designer, thanks ~ _ // 💜❣**production & delivery time**❣💜 // _ Sterling silver handmade jewelry are all made after the order, in principle, is 10-15 days of production (excluding holiday & send time), please contact the designer and then set the order Oh ~ ~ _ _ Pure hand-made goods production time-consuming and laborious, need more time to make, please wait a lot of time ^^ _ (Many of the above, thank you for your patience ~ ~ ^ __ ^) // 💜❣**Origin / manufacturing methods**❣💜 // _ Taiwan handmade _


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