Tiara | ruby ​​Tianhe stone amethyst purple jade powder crystal sterling silver jewelry flexible bracelet

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Tiara | ruby ​​Tianhe stone amethyst purple jade powder crystal sterling silver jewelry flexible bracelet


|| Product description and story ||

[This design is limited to one, sold out no longer make the same paragraph design]
[Photo is the bracelet I]

Kate Wensley raises his own experience in the winning speech
At the age of 14, a drama teacher told her
"If you are willing to compromise only play the role of fat girl, then you can mix well
She lifted the trophy and said in a lovely and exaggerated tone: "Look at me now!"

She wanted to talk with these gems coincide
Any one woman, perhaps you have been around the family and friends pour cold water
Please remember that it is to make us more determined in the direction we want
We should not question ourselves, we must stick to the goal

In this design, the energy spindle for the ruby
Ruby is full of charm, self-affirmation of the charm of the stone
Small cm beads to the overall more elegant
Because the color of the ruby sometimes a careless look will be very old-fashioned
So add the other lighter, brighter color
Pink crystal, purple jade, amethyst, comfortable and full of wisdom, reduce excessive anxiety
And the river here is a symbol of victory and courage, and actively show themselves

Has been in the design for a long time to put more specific symbol of silver
The gems are surprisingly with a simple and lovely little crown
As if to predict the "win" determination
Do not do the princess, do their own queen
And even the queen, can also be lovely like a princess ❤ ️

Material ||

Sterling silver accessories, Tianhe stone, purple jade, natural ruby, amethyst, pink crystal

|| Beads ||

6mm mainly
◈ commodity photo lens and close-up will have a visual effect, the product will be more detailed

|| Ordering Information ||

**very important: hand-made goods ONE & ONLY, sold after all do not return, please read the following instructions, can be customized only Oh!**☺

✔ tailor-made for customization
Remember to note the length of your wrist
(Please do not measure with tape measure, stickers over 18cm to be charged)
✎ Note that you can relax or stick
PS. We will make the data according to your data, if too loose or too tight to be sent back to the re-production, craftsmen will receive line fees and freight.

◈ within 7 days after the date of arrival of goods, goods such as defective refundable or replacement (not including shipping)
Defects Definition: metal jewelry deformation damage or natural crystal damage, missing angle (natural spar are connoisseur, black spots, ice crack, cotton and so on is the nature of the imprint in the crystal, not in the flaw range)

◈ Commodity photo may be due to light and natural stone unique lines and color distribution or computer display problems and color, such as the color of doubt can contact us.

◈ based on environmental considerations, we use the most simple packaging, no packaging cartons!

|| Precautions and maintenance of natural crystal ||

1. If you are concerned about scratches, please avoid collision with other metals
2. When you take a bath remember to pull down Oh, so as not to change the crystal color
3. not close to the fire and direct light, crystal ore structure heat metamorphic
4. Keep away from hot springs and other chemical solutions or detergents
5. Regularly clean the crystal
✧ Make friends with crystal, keep your body and mind healthy, and wear more beautiful water

|| Precautions and maintenance of metal ornaments ||

1. Do not close to the fire source, so as not to hot scald
2. Do not touch the hot springs, metal sulfur will be black
3. Do not use wiping silver milk, it will hurt the surface of metal jewelry, jewelry will make it easier to oxidize
4. Oxidized yellow can be wiped with a silver cloth to restore light (no need to wet)
Origin / manufacturing method
Handmade / Taiwan


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