Experimental series ll Childhood ll hand-painted oil painting wind mobile phone shell

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Experimental series I love to try different materials and painting techniques. Created with pearlescent colors.



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Experimental series ll Childhood ll hand-painted oil painting wind mobile phone shell


Experimental series

I love to try different materials and painting techniques.
Created with pearlescent colors.

**Since Hong Kong designers are currently studying in Taiwan, they are always shipped from Taiwan:)**

**It is advisable to take a moment to look at our designer Q&A**

Q: What will happen if the phone case touches something?
A: The material of our products is waterproof and scratch resistant! If you touch something, simply wipe it off with water (diffuse chemicals are not applicable) (it is not recommended to put it together with dark objects).

Q: Will the phone shell get rid of paint?
A: Because the phone case is something that will come in contact with it, the paint cannot be permanently attached to normal conditions. There will always be blemishes!
So we have to provide free maintenance once, and the return shipping costs should be borne by the buyer. (Reminder: Please don't rub regularly, and the fragile parts on the edge and the corner can't afford regular friction/_\)

Q: Will the phone case surface be flat?
A: Most of the current hand-painted series have a bumpy touch, but if the back of the phone is a curved surface such as the LG G4, the HTCM8 will feel more like it. The oil may be uneven because of the curved surface and the oil will be dry. The process has been lost and we are trying our best to make it as attachable as possible. The print series is smooth.

Q: Can I add words?
A: You can refer to the following link for additional purchases: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/W0pOezjD

Q: Can I use a mobile phone capsule?
A: It is not recommended because all of the hard shells we have selected are very good and the fit is very high.

Q: Is it hard shell?
A: At present, only IPHONE5/5S/SE, IPHONE6/6S, IPHONE6+/6S+, Iphone7/8, Iphone7+/8+, iPhoneX have full package (transparent or black). The only ones are hard cases.

Q: May I ask that my product be exactly the same as the photo?
A: Because each product is a designer's own drawing, each hand-painted is not the same is our characteristic. Therefore, we cannot forgive you for being completely the same.

Q: Can I not LOGO? (trademark)
A: LOGO represents our brand and it also means that we are responsible for our products. We do not recommend removing the LOGO, but if you do not want it, please note in the order.

Q: Can you come and order it?
A: At present, we mainly use our original series.

Q: Can I receive a product that I don't like or have a wrong model, can I return it with money?
A: No, please check with us before ordering so as not to expect a gap. (customized goods: plus the word to remove LOGO merchandise can not return the refund)

Q: Can I send it to the supermarket?
A: We are pre-registered by registered mail and need to sign for it.
**If you want to pick up the supermarket, please purchase this one: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/193mnE8N**

Q: How do I track numbers after shipping?
A: All our shipments will be sent by registered mail. Each will be accompanied by a tracking number.
How to search for a registered number: (For e-mail in Taiwan, please use the China Post website for enquiries. Once the e-mail is sent to the location, you can use the local post office network to inquire)

Taiwan area: Domestic registered mail
Outside Taiwan: International Registered Mail

Finally, the designer will make the order based on the content of the order. The added word or model will be based on the details of the order. (Please also add comments to special requirements, thank you!)

**Due to the manual production of each, the style is not exactly the same as the picture! (mind you to pay attention)**
What customization requirements are also expected to satisfy you~ (plus words (not more than 6 English words or numbers) plus words: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/W0pOezjD/ distribution)
We will be satisfied that every guest will have a beautiful mobile phone.

It takes ten working days (excluding holidays) to produce.

From November 2015, all Chuckling's mobile phone shells will have hot silver LOGO. (As shown below)
If you don't need LOGO, you must note when ordering, because you can't change it after you enter the production program.

__Model selection__
**The shell material of the mobile phone is a hard shell material, including two sides and four corners.**
**There are wrappers who have to pay attention, because hard shells are just a good size on the phone! Therefore, we must carefully consider what we want subscript ~~ :)**

Please click on the following link to see the customizable models! (Apple/Samsung/Sony/HTC/LG/ASUS/Huawei/Mille/OPPO)

/ Material /
Pigments are mainly drawn from British imported pigments
The material for protecting the oil is**waterproof and scratch resistant**.

/ Use and maintenance /
It can be used normally.
Although there is lacquer for scratching, but you have to worry about it, don't always scrape it down (laughs)
Be careful: Since the paint cannot be permanently attached to the phone case, paint may be removed after a long time. :)
PS will be bumpy, mind to take careful shot.

Origin / manufacturing methods
Hong Kong design is handmade in Taiwan.


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