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Elegant and classic, the lightweight pearls of the freshwater pearls make each girl elegant.


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===== Necklace total length 40cm, without extension chain (about female clavicle short chain length) ===== The extension chain can be added free of charge. (It is convenient to adjust the tightness of the bracelet by 1cm~4cm) Natural Stone Energy #Freshwater pearl (about 6mm*4.5mm) Pearls represent wealth, wisdom, and elegance, exuding a unique and refined temperament. Pearl is one of the four organic gemstones, the only jewelry that does not need to be processed and natural. Pearls are ancient organic gemstones, mainly produced in pearl shellfish and mother-of-pearl shells. The most primitive pearls are produced from the sea. It represents elegant temperament and symbolizes purity and well-being. The pearl contains calcium carbonate, calcium oxide, calcium phosphate, calcium sulfate, and trace elements such as magnesium, manganese, copper, iodine, phosphorus, antimony, lead, sodium, potassium, etc. These chemicals are of great help to the human body and can be calmed down. Surprising, clearing heat and yin, clearing eyes and detoxifying, closing the muscles. " Metal Material" Brass vacuum gold plating (high color retention low sensitivity) ::::: Brass vacuum gold-plated jewelry::::: 1. Vacuum gold plating does not use chemicals, does not cause damage to the environment, and is naturally safe to the human body. It is a green environmental protection process. 2. It is a very clean and environmentally friendly gold plating technology because it has no damage to the operator, strong coating, good film density, uniform corrosion resistance and high wear resistance. 3. Vacuum plating has a long color retention time, is not easy to fade, and is environmentally friendly. (General vacuum color retention plating time can be more than one year) 4. Glossy color fades even with long-term use, but because the base color is brass metal material, you can use the brass jewelry maintenance method to maintain and restore the brightness. "Product Purchase Notes" 1. The natural stone is processed according to the beauty. After the name of the natural stone, there is the word "natural stone processing optimization". We have professional inspection before purchasing natural stone. However, the fake technology in the market is constantly improving, we also strive to check If the real natural stone with marked effect is found to have fraud problems, we will be fully responsible and have physical storefronts to make customers buy more peace of mind. 2. The purchase of natural stone ornaments can not all have the same color and crystallization. Each stone will be different. There will be some ice cracks and no obvious mine defects. The size of the beads is slightly different in size. Please mind if you think about it. 3. Strictly select the sturdy and durable elastic thread. It can be loosened after normal use for more than one year. Unless the external force is easy to break, please wear it with confidence. 4. Photographs are taken in kind, and there will be slight errors due to the angle relationship, light relationship, and brightness of the PC screen. 5. Goods will be shipped about 2-5 days after payment, excluding holidays. 6. Modomodo's bracelets, bracelets and necklaces are all provided with a warranty card. The warranty card products have a six-month warranty (please read the warranty information for other warranty information). "Additional Gift Box" https://c2.staticflickr.com/2/1724/42664507851_a7cbfdc906_b.jpg Plus purchase link --> https://www.pinkoi.com/product/bxGTDx6M?category=8 Product After-sales Service In addition to receiving counterfeit goods, other reasons for returning goods are subject to "return shipping". (You can ask for a private message at this store. Or refer to the following "Contact Information" to request a return.) Contact Information [ Facebook ] Modomodo jewelry design [ Instagram ] Modomodo2013 [ Official LINE ] @kes1267o (with @)


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