Crystal Bobo 925 Silver Earrings Rose Gold / Pink Hearts Gift Exchange Gift Valentine's Day gift

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Romantic rose gold, shiny crystal, slender ear line, the face can be modified to slender beautiful earrings.


Silent Moment

Silent Moment ショップへ

Crystal Bobo 925 Silver Earrings Rose Gold / Pink Hearts Gift Exchange Gift Valentine's Day gift


Using three types of Japanese glass beads of rose gold, transparent pink and transparent peach, we make three color levels and compile "Wavelets" with crochet skills.
Because each of the three colors is beautiful, it is monotonous to be used alone. This is the result of Aki's ingenious match in the world of beads and beads, sincerely and strongly recommended.

Glass beads are very small, only 2mm, with a very small gold string strung together, hand-woven into a small ball about 1cm in diameter, matched with Swarovski crystal and crystal pearls, made of ear lines.

Japan's beauty of glass beads, in addition to color, but the most subtle is the reflection of colorful light in different ways, different types of beads make up, shine each other, especially in the light reflection, the glass beads will be particularly shiny, distributed gentle and broken The light.

The whole ear is 925 sterling silver, allergy, the most appropriate length of 9cm. The beauty of the ear line is that it can make the shape more slender, with the beautiful shape, flicker, and easy to wear, it is a beautiful and easy matching earring.

Aki beaded weaving to make "Bobo" earrings, so that a pair of ear lines become more unique and meticulous personality, but also have a different hand to do a sense of warmth.

I hope you enjoy this elegant and elegant work.

"Bobbie" ear line 4 pondering method:
Someone once told Aki that his ear line is good-looking but easy to get rid of. To deal with this problem, Aki specially provides a resin earplug, which resembles a light-weight stopper that allows himself to adjust the length of his earbuds hanging in front of and behind the earbuds. Therefore, here are four ways to wear ear lines.
1. Put the ear line into the ear hole, you can choose to "Bobo" to the longest pendant, ear beads will not see the back of the chain.
2. You can also adjust the "wave" half the length of the pearl earrings hanging half hanging chain.
3. One side of the ear "Bobo" fall long, while the ears of "Bobo" droops short, deliberately make asymmetric effect.
4. Only wear one ear line, especially for long hair girls, when the flicker of the ear hair, people see the ear line will be beautiful.

Ear line 9cm
Wave 1cm
Full length 10.5cm

There are two colors in total. Please select "Size Size" in the upper right corner.
Rose gold


Gold thread, Japanese glass beads, Shihua falling crystal, Shihua falling crystal pearl, Japanese metal parts

* Do not soak in seawater and pool water.
* Avoid contact with chemical cleaners; lightly dry with paper towels if wetted with water.
* Gold and silver wire braided work, please avoid metal hooks, knives and other weapons damage.
* Glass beads, please avoid strong collision, squeeze and scratch.
* Copper metal ear harder and more durable, but more likely to fade, put in bags or boxes after wearing to save, to avoid contact with air and sunlight, can reduce discoloration.

Small gift box
Each pair of earrings are placed inside the kraft paper box, hydrangea paper box is aki hand-painted.

Mailing method:
All goods sent by registered mail in Hong Kong to ensure the safety of people and passengers hands.

* Man-made work, can not be exactly the same as the mold machine molding products, glass beads placed in the angle and distance may be very slight angle differences, which is the delicate hand made unique, please forgive me, thank you.
* The color and texture of the computer may be slightly different from the real one. If you have any questions, please contact me because I hope you can enjoy the most beautiful materials and hand-made.
Origin / manufacturing methods
Origin Hong Kong handmade


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