Blooming flowers - [commercial combination] exquisite flower bouquet & brooch white green B-WG03

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[Offer combination] Romantic temperament wedding bouquet 1 + groom boutonniere 1 + main wedding boutonniere 4



Blooming flowers - [commercial combination] exquisite flower bouquet & brooch white green B-WG03


[commercial combination] Romantic temperament wedding bouquet 1 + groom boutonniere 1 + main wedding boutonniere 4 New people who are about to step into the auditorium, do you think that there are so many things to prepare? If you like our bouquets and boutonniere, you can take the whole set of bags and give you a discounted price~ Is it super convenient! ►Design concept The most important moment in your life, let the flowers and plants make your own exclusive bouquet and boutonniere. We value the wedding that we hope for a lifetime. Holding in your hand is not just a bouquet, but a slap for happiness and happiness; We value the bride you are waiting for for a lifetime. Don't just be a boutonniere on your chest, it is a commitment to responsibility and support. ►Specification size The picture is color, style reference, and the flower is adjusted according to the season. Bridal bouquet (original price $2,380) X1, diameter 20-23 cm Groom boutonniere (original price $300) X1, with bridal bouquet for white and green The main wedding boutonniere (original price $250) X4, red + peach color ►Remarks The combination of the bouquet of brooch can not be replaced ►Save method Please place in a cool, ventilated place to avoid sultry (ex: on the car) and direct sunlight. The appreciation period of the bouquet is about 3-5 days, and the brooch is about 2-3 days, but the different flower materials will also affect the number of days of storage due to factors such as season, environment, temperature and sun exposure. ►Order instructions 1. Do not accept urgent order, please complete the ordering process seven days before picking up/arrival. 2. To order flowers, please first "contact the designer" to inform you of the date you need to use the floral products and then subscript, we will recommend the appropriate date of arrival / arrival. 3. The picture of the product is color and style reference, and the flower material is adjusted according to the season. 4. Flowers and dry flowers are all natural products. It is not as good as artificial flowers. It is inevitable that there will be wrinkles or small spots. We will try our best to eliminate them in the production, but we can't guarantee perfection. If you care, please do not order. 5. Flowers, dry flowers, the color of each batch of flowers may not be exactly the same, if you can not accept the color difference, please do not order. 6. Fresh flowers often have seasonal shortages or poor quality. If any of the above conditions occur, the design will be adjusted for your professional design. 7. The photos are taken in real time. Because the shape, size and posture of the hand-made and flower materials are different, the finished product can't be exactly the same as the photo of the product, but it is guaranteed to give you the same style and atmosphere as the photo. ! 8. Packaging materials such as wrapping paper, flowerware, ribbons, etc., in case of out of stock, will be replaced by appropriate containers or accessories. 9. We carefully make every product. If you are not satisfied with the product, please take a photo and contact us so that we can assist you in the first time. 10. Full range of products are available for customized service, please contact us in advance to discuss styles. 11. Fresh food does not apply to Article 19 of the Consumer Protection Act and does not enjoy a 7-day appreciation period. 12. Blooming flowers have the right to accept orders. ►Send method 1. The flower delivery address is in Xitun District, Beibei District, Nanxun District, North District, West District, East District and South District of Taichung City. The above-mentioned area has a single consumption of 3,500 yuan. 2. A single purchase of less than 3,500 yuan, and other areas in Taichung and other counties and cities, you can choose to come to the store to pick up, or we will send the goods in a carton package "low temperature home delivery" way, the freight is 290 yuan per piece Black cat house can be assigned to the delivery time (no delivery on Sunday): not specified / before 13:00 / 14-18 in the afternoon. 3. Freight Description: Due to the size limit of low temperature home, if you order a bouquet + more than two brooch, you need to divide it into two pieces, you will charge two pieces of shipping; if you order a bouquet + a boutonniere, You can get the shipping cost of one item. ►about us Blooming flowers / I hope that everyone's life will be filled with the beauty of flowers and plants. By the vitality of flowers, people will bring joy and happiness beyond the material. Chloris/ In Greek, the word Chloris has the meaning of green, so she is regarded as the first sprouting flower in spring. The newly opened flowers in spring are regarded as the incarnation of Chloris, the god of spring and nature. The floral designer from the graphic design has a strong sensitivity to color and integrates his own professional skills into floral works. And holding the enthusiasm for flowers and plants, constantly exploring and breaking through in the process of learning, creating a different from the traditional style of flowers, hoping to spread the beauty of flowers to everyone's heart. Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan handmade


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