Smiski│ Incredible Night Light Elf Bathroom Adventure (Boxed 12 In)

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Japanese Dreams bestselling doll Simiski appeared in the bathroom! Cute incredible night light elves Come to the bathroom for a big adventure! He can be found everywhere


Smiski│ Incredible Night Light Elf Bathroom Adventure (Boxed 12 In)


Six new different styles of Smiski, debuted in playful water blue green. Designed with the bathroom in mind, let Smiski present the movements that will appear in the bathroom. The luminous effect adds cuteness and fun to everyday life scenes. The incredible Smiski is accompanying your life every day! The omnipresent Smiski Night Light Elf is coming again! Where will this be happening at home this time? It is actually the most relaxing bathroom! There are elves in the bathtub who have super fun with ducks and ducks. The confused elf, who is taking a bath opposite, has relaxed to emptying~ Next to each other, there is also a brushback wizard Hey Hey hey! The voyeur elf is actually peeking at the shampooing elf bath! Stopped, didn't you see the shy elf dare to look at it? Shampooing Shook Elf (Not Look) Scrubbing Play Duck (With Duck) Confused Elf (Dazed) Voyeur (Looking) [Boxed product specifications] Doll size: about W28~58.1xH30.4~70/mm Packing size: about W244xH85xD160/mm Weight: about 500g per box Material: ATBC-PVC made in China Manufacturer: Dreams Inc. Japan Product Inspection Identification Number: M39489 [Product Warranty] No warranty, new products are not limited to this limit 【Precautions】 1. This product is a box-playing product. Each unit cannot know in advance what style the content is. The fun of the lucky draw is its main function. If the product is unpacked, it cannot accept the return (non-human new products are not available). This limit) 2. For new products, please keep the outer packaging and contents and accessories intact. If the packaging carton is dirty or severely torn, it will not be able to return to its original state, or the accessories will be lost, which will affect your return and exchange rights. 3.Smiski Japan original packaging, the purchase order is only for random style shipment, the purchase box contains 12 dolls, according to the design of each series, at least a set of all styles of dolls can be collected. 4. When the box purchase 12 enters the hidden version in the box, then one of the boxed dolls will be replaced by the hidden version. 5. All products are subject to the actual product, the picture is for illustrative purposes only. 6. The hidden version has the same chance regardless of box purchase or single entry.


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