"Hand-made cottage cheese" fresh parsley taste pet pet snacks


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  • ** __ This product needs cryogenic Delivery, not with normal temperature goods <pet package fresh, hand-made meat> combined shipping, please separate orders __ **

    **You choose to help the baby snack?**
    **Per day is not enough light to eat fresh, low-quality snacks carefully let the baby eating too much chemical additives!**

    "Natural10 natural food" hand-made cottage cheese Product Features:

    ● hairy child belongs to the natural calcium healthy snacks <lactose intolerance edible>
    ● 100% pure milk production, lactose fermentation reserved milk proteins, calcium, lipids, with fresh herbs
    ● General Secretary of the commercially available pet from the process cheese <Processed Cheese> containing salt and chemical additives; our homemade cheese completely free of stabilizers, preservatives, emulsifiers ... and other chemical additives, salt-free, belong to fresh cheese <fresh Cheese>, so the shorter lifetime
    ● Hand over four hours or repression, more solid taste, nutrition and concentrated

    **Save mode:**

    ◎ Shelf life: 8 days
    ◎ save mode: 4 ℃ refrigerator, try to place the refrigerator in a position layer, avoiding to put a refrigerator door; when you have access, please wash your hands dry, or dry with a clean utensil to prevent bacterial contamination of the hands of cheese cause early deterioration.
    ◎ ingredients: milk peasant origin direct delivery <single Ruyuan, no adjustment component>, vinegar, fresh parsley
    ◎ Contents: 70g
    ◎ Shipping Method: Low temperature distribution

    **Shipping Aging:**

    Mining reservation before starting production, the average wait is about 9 to 15 days at room temperature and low temperature product may not be combined goods transport, please order two minutes at room temperature single product.

    __◎ "hand-made" series <containing meat and cottage cheese>: weekly shipments from Tuesday afternoon.__

    § every Wednesday to cut a single time, the shipping time for the second Tuesday in the name will contain the date and shipping date cut-off single; varies according to the order of time, to wait for the arrival of 9 to 15 days in duration, such as unacceptable Do not order.
    Handmade, casual cut not perfect, do not accept such orders.
    Be sure to cut a single before <Wednesday before 15:00> to complete your payment, pre-order is completed.
    Example: every Thursday - Wednesday's second order will be shipped the next Tuesday, thank you patience ~

    Origin / manufacturing methods

    -------------------------------------------------- -----------

    ● Brand

    "Natural10 natural food" New Year in 2014,
    Is based on the Asian diet pet fresh build of Asian brands.
    And is a benchmark for the human diet requires pet a healthy diet,
    Focus on ingredients ingredients, origin, fresh, never use a combination of meat and synthetic materials,
    Busy but expect to bring modern health-conscious pet owners,
    A safe, natural, instant Kaifeng pet staple new choice.

    "Natural10 natural food" not only get to eat, see the original food,
    More extensive use of local seasonal fresh ingredients, in procurement, in production,
    Minus the production process due to freezing, storage, transport nutrients caused by the loss of more environmentally friendly at the same time!

    ● four brand concept

    • natural ingredients
    Insisted no preservatives and chemical additives, so hairy child get to eat real food, and get a sense of satiety
    • Five balanced
    Reference Chinese medicine natural health tonic and the five elements, colored design suitable dog a balanced diet
    • In production
    Extensive use homemade ingredients encourage the same in this land for planting intentions production conscience
    • concept of environmental protection
    Local Priority will be able to reduce CO2 emissions from transport exchanges on, make more environmentally friendly goods
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"Hand-made cottage cheese" fresh parsley taste pet pet snacks

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