Green Light Forest (Grape Heavy Cheese Tower) 6吋

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Make your sweet and refreshing taste with succulent, seedless green grapes and heavy cream cheese!


Green Light Forest (Grape Heavy Cheese Tower) 6吋

商品説明 ☛ Product Description Product Name:【DOUBLE】Green Forest (Grape Heavy Cheese Tower) 6吋 Ingredients used: fresh eggs, flour, almond powder, milk, sugar, salt-free cream, fresh lemon juice. Product size: diameter about 15cm (handmade, with error value) Vegetarian: Ovalanin is edible. Contents: Green light forest (grape heavy cheese tower) 6 inches, 5 sets of plate forks, 1 cake knife. Taste period: frozen at -18°C for 7 days / refrigerated at 4°C for 3 days. What to save Shelf life: Refrigeration 4 days ※Please eat as soon as possible after taking out from the cold storage so as to avoid deterioration of the fresh fruit. ※ This dessert is refrigerated delivery ☛【Ordering Information】 ※The service hours will be adjusted in response to the black cat's home delivery service. The parcel delivery date will be changed from Tuesday to Saturday. ※Please specify the arrival date in the "Order Remarks column" ☛ "This item can be specified for the next day of the order +5 days". On the public holiday, the arrival will be delayed for 2 days. You can specify the arrival date: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays (according to the black cat's home delivery policy on Sundays and public holidays). ※ If you need to note the time to cooperate with the black cat delivery options: before noon (before 13 o'clock) / 14 o'clock ~ 18 o'clock, two hours. ※ After the order is placed, the customer service will start to arrange the order in accordance with the remittance! ★ If there is an urgent order, please be sure to call to confirm, if the desired arrival date is full, customer service will also contact you to change the date, thank you!! ※The home delivery must be risky. Please think twice before placing your order. You may be in a state of collision due to delivery. The risk must be borne by yourself. Unless it is a serious deformed human factor, the black cat will be compensated according to the status, and the recipient can place orders. Oh!! ※ This product is a cold house, please do not combine the frozen products into the same order, thank you ^^ ☛[How to deal with home-made cake damage] 1. During transportation, the journey is far away. The left and right displacement of the cake is caused by the shaking of the car body, or sometimes the road condition is poor. The layered displacement of the cake, the side edge is damaged or the decoration is dropped, and the motif pattern is not damaged or slightly damaged. Destroyed the scope of compensation. 2. Whenever you receive your receipt, please open the Tatas immediately. 3. If Tata is seriously damaged (needs to be lumpy, unmolded, and difficult to discern what Tata was originally), please take a picture and store it at the first time (take a shot of the sweet tower inside the box), and please Contact us on the same day! If it is obvious that the delivery is artificially missed during delivery, we will contact the distribution company for the first time. Please do not lose or eat the sweet tart before it is processed! Please keep the status at the time of receipt and have avoided disputes when coordinating with the black cat. 4. Please be sure to contact us on the same day and send us a photo of the private news (including the outer box and damaged goods) 5. We will do our best to pack desserts and prevent “good stuff”, but home delivery must be risky. Please read this notice before ordering. 6. If you do not receive it yourself, please be sure to pick it up! Once the order is established, it means that you have understood all the instructions and agreed to cooperate. We will not deal with any disputes that fail to comply with the instructions. If it is not acceptable, please do not order!! We have repeatedly stressed that "homestead has a certain degree of risk". If you decide to choose home delivery, for your rights and interests, please be sure to abide by the above code. We have done many improvements and enhancements on the packaging, but the delivery process is too There are many uncontrollable factors that can't be guaranteed to you. The Sweet Tower must be delivered perfectly!! Black cats will receive 3 to 4 transfer stations after they receive and deliver them. The logistics personnel at each station are different. The desserts are not held by the delivery staff but are placed in the body freezer, even though the personnel at each station are very careful. Or, it may be due to poor road conditions caused by the huge shaking of the car body, or the delivery of large quantities of black cats during the holiday season, frequent turning off and parking of the home car, resulting in the loss of the temperature of the freezer and distorting the desserts, which are beyond our control. If you have any questions, you can contact us. Our desserts are purely hand-made. We hope that they can be served in your hands perfectly. It is not easy to manage. Every dessert is carefully protected. We do not want to see the sweet tower damage. This kind of mood is not inferior to any one customer. , I hope you can understand in advance to order our sweet tart.


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