Leather Compound ID Case | Gin Tonic ‧ Straight (5 colors) [Plus purchase lettering]

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Straight ID Case‧ First Layer Oil Wax Cow Leather‧ Five Colors Available Also available in horizontal tri-color


Leather Compound ID Case | Gin Tonic ‧ Straight (5 colors) [Plus purchase lettering]


**• Leather ID holder** **• Transparent window design on the surface can clearly show the ID** **• Internal double mezzanine for more space** **• Neck strap made of breathable fabric and comfortable cotton** **GIN TONIC** Like the very popular bartender "Gin Tonic", although the materials and methods are quite simple, they show the skills of the creator (designer). Although gin, tunning water and lemon are common and common, they can be combined to make delicious GIN TONIC. Just like this document cover with leather as the basic color of coffee and black as the background color, with the same color of khaki, camel and dark gray, and thoughtfully designed a second layer that allows the space and function to increase instantly, see Seems like a simple match, but each has its own characteristics. **※ Horizontal link: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/cvcUXaXy** **/ Customized Laser Branding Service /** ‧ Four fonts are available (see the figure from top to bottom): round, written, bold, detailed ‧ The font size will be flexibly adjusted to the most suitable size according to the font you choose ‧ There is no hard and fast word limit, but due to product size restrictions, it is recommended not to make the text too long ‧ Please specify the laser position at the same time as the order; if not specified, the master will choose the appropriate laser position for you. ‧ The text color is burnt black burnt by laser, which will be slightly lighter due to use ‧ Working days is about 1-3 days ‧ Because the laser uses high temperature processing, there will be some unpleasant odors after the laser has just been shot, and it will gradually disappear when the time increases. ‧ __Customized branding service plus purchase link: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/NYq7bDsQ__ **※ Due to the use of customized branding services, products can no longer be resold by others. Please do not accept returns or exchanges. ※** **/ Handmade • Natural Materials /** Handmade leather products may have slight differences in natural raw skin scars and wrinkle texture, which is a normal phenomenon of leather. **/ Origin • Manufacturing methods /** Designed in Taiwan • Artificial sewing **/ Use and maintenance methods /** After long-term use, the high-quality leather surface will inevitably have slight scars. You can use the hand grease or leather care oil to make the fine scars fade. If the leather surface is accidentally exposed to rain or wet, immediately wipe off the water droplets with a dry cloth, and then air dry in a ventilated and cool place. **/ Warranty coverage /** New product defects, unconditional replacement **/ Repair warranty /** Large areas of leather fall off and degummed, and returned to the original factory for repair within one month after purchase. (This warranty does not guarantee damage caused by accident, abuse, misuse, improper use, or unauthorized repair and modification. It does not cover the minor surface damage caused by normal normal wear and tear on the product.) https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48202244842_b43d672cc1_b.jpg


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