925 sterling silver dragon lining with tiger eye ore bracelet

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[Material] Fantasy tiger eye 925 sterling silver accessories


925 sterling silver dragon lining with tiger eye ore bracelet


【size】 According to the hand string system After measuring the hand circumference by yourself, compare the size comparison table below. If it is not clear, you can ask for the message. - XS: 16.5 cm / 6.5" - S: 17.8 cm / 7" - M: 19.05 cm / 7.5" - L: 20.3 cm / 8" Please contact me if you wish to have a different size bracelet! [Material] Accessories 925 sterling silver. Except for the string and the ore, it is pure silver. Metal parts are sterling silver. ore Tiger eye Green ghost ore Stone is 7mm. 【production time】 At present, Xiushan is making his own hand-made goods by himself. I will make the order as soon as I can get it, but it will take 2-3 days to ship. -- urgent - please be sure to let me know in advance Because the number of days of production of hand-made goods and the time of shipment are not necessarily Please use the message to confirm with Shinshan before deciding whether to place an order. This will not delay the gift time, I will try to stay up late If you do not communicate in advance, it will take 2-3 days to ship. ※ If the delivery time of urgent goods is not up to the consensus, please do not place an order, so as not to cause troubles in your receipt. 【note】 Sterling silver jewelry is handmade, repaired So every one of them has a slight difference, and friends who like the temperature of handmade jewelry are welcome to order. | Broken thoughts| Handmade jewelry is not a product that is made by a large number of molds outside. If you stroll into my design hall, then you must be a good player. I hope you will like the temperature that my hands make. Hand-made, each item will have a few different and different casting marks. If you are a perfect idea for a very careless person. Do not check out. Hand knocking on goods is not very straightforward, and every hand made jewelry is unique. ▲▲ silverware maintenance small 叮咛▲▲ /oxidation to metal properties, clean and put in a sealed bag when not worn / Avoid wearing jewelry to do heavy work, easy to make the surface of the jewelry scratched and damaged /Do not touch perfume, vinegar, juice, bleach to reduce the occurrence of erosion / sterling silver jewelry is wiped with a silver cloth, and the plating accessories are soft cloth. - - - - - After-sales service - - - - - *The bracelets are all custom-made products. If the SIZE is wrong, it can be sent back from the shipping fee, that is, the cost of the work is 50-100 yuan. *Manual products are custom-made products, and they are not accepted for reasons such as dislike or unsuitability. *All products are not refundable/exchange service (except counterfeit products) | Tips | - Please avoid wearing silver/brass jewelry when taking a shower/bath, swimming, or using a spa or hot spring. Otherwise the silver will turn yellow over time and restoration will not be possible. - If silver/brass becomes tarnished as a result of discoloration or oxidation, please use a silver cloth and wipe the jewelry in one direction. This should restore luster to the silver. - If silver/brass jewelry becomes slightly yellow in color, you can clean it with a solution made of baking soda and water. Soak the silver in the solution. Then, gently clean the tarnish off with a soft toothbrush or sponge. Silver with clean water and wipe dry. - To avoid oxidation, when not wearing, wrap your silver/brass jewelry in tissue papers and put it in a plastic zipper bag. This product is handmade, and so each one cannot be 100% identical. This product is handmade, and so slight variations in size are to be expected. We do not accept returns/exchanges for customized products. Origin / manufacturing methods Regolith from Taiwan


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