Cross body cell phone bag-【XL Size】Cleaning-Fiber Cell Phone bag

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Likes to go out and just bring mobile and wallet.


Cross body cell phone bag-【XL Size】Cleaning-Fiber Cell Phone bag


Onor cell phone 「bag」 is the different edition of phone pouch. Its features are superior cleaning function, against from impact, scratches. It’s compatible to smaller than 5.5 inch mobiles. This shopping cart include 105 cm cross body strap.

★Especially for who/ whose

(1) likes to go out and just bring mobile and wallet.
(2) mobile has much dirt and finger prints after a phone call.
(3) is a commuter and needs hand strap/ neck strap and e-wallet.
(4) is used to put mobile in pocket or bag and wants to protect it against scratches and dirt.
(5) goes outdoors one day long and take a picture with mobile at any time.

(1) Against from scratches
>> Every side is made of 3 layers.
The complete front and side have inner lining 5-7mm cotton which against from impact, scratches, dirt and dust.
(2) Protect mobile lens
Selvages are turned in and sewn firmly. Seamless Design prevent to scratch your mobile phone. Put mobile on the extremely soft cloth, leave screen and lens zero scratches.
(3) Onor Patent cover. Zero scratch. Do not fall out.
There’s no zipper to scratch mobile. The edge of cover is turned in, which prevent from falling out. This is a patent design.
Attention: Do not turn over and sewing inadvertently.
(4) Clean fingerprints, oil and dirt easily.
The degree of fineness of microfiber suede fabric is only 1/250 of hair. It could clean fingerprints and dust without chemicals.
(5) Machine washable.
Any but without bleach or fiber soften is available. After ironing, cell phone pouch recovers about 80% new.
(6) Put things in pocket
The design of Om type (Onor multiple usage) has a simple front-pocket. Easily use with public transport card, headset and e-wallet etc.

(7) Convenient to go out
It is convenient to travel, shopping, camping or walk a dog.
Put passport in bag when go through custums.
(8) Multiple Usage
Could use with hand strap or neck strap either. (Hand/ neck strap is in other shopping cart.)


Onor references the concept of Panton 2016 new colors, and applies light-mixing dyeing technology to launch these new colors, golden pink and tranquil blue which is different from the pink and blue Onor used.

We launch two vegetation colours, Mustard Yellow and Cobalt Green, replace original's bright colours. More dirt-resistant.

5 colors to choice.
The color of cross body strap.
(10) Package
Onor package includes outer bag, bookmark and thank you card which suitable to be a gift.

Q1. What’s the size of cell phone cross body bag?
A1. It’s as same as XL size phone pouch, 18cm x 11 cm, all the phone smaller than 6 inch are compatible.

Q2. How long is cross body strap?
A2. Total length is 110 cm. (include hook)

Q3. Is this cross body bag include strap?
A3. Yes, this package is include 110 cm cross body strap. If you want to buy hand or neck strap, please go to other shopping carts.

Q4. How do I wash phone pouch?
A4. It’s machine washable. Any detergent but bleach and fiber soften is safe for the cloth.

Q5. Dose pouch fade?
A5. No. Every color are controlled by high standard color fastness.

Q7. What’s the difference between Om-XL phone pouch?
A7. They’re almost the same. Besides, there are 1 more ear to use the cross body strap.

Q8. When will my product be sent? And when will I receive my package?
A8. Onor will sent product next day on Taiwanese work days. Every product will be sent by regular air mail. The exact arrival time is dependent on logistics operations, and thus we cannot guarantee a specific date of arrival.

Q9. If I bought wrong size, type…etc., may I have a replacement?
A9. Sorry that non-Taiwan exchanging service is NOT available for which is caused by buyer careless mistake. We are glad to help you, please message to Onor service mail to double check your pattern and size.^^ Onor will double check the product every time we send. Any mistake caused by Onor, we will exchange for free.

★Hand strap and neck strap is a good choice for multiple usages.
★ (Hand strip or Neck strip頸繩加購區-點入)


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